The 2008 wedding season has now come to a close.  Last night was Erin and Daniel’s wedding at Briscoe Manor in Richmond, Texas.  And what a beautiful wedding it was!  I left my camera cord up in Big D so I probably won’t get around to posting pics for a while.  But, wait for them… they’ll be worth it.

Friday morning, the Rock and I got up at the butt crack of dawn and headed to Houston.  There was a bridal luncheon at 11:30 at the Junior League (oh la la) and then we went to Sugar Land to get checked into the hotel and ready for the rehearsal.  Briscoe Manor has been one of my favorite wedding venues of the million weddings I’ve been to this year.  Not only was it gorgeous, but it was so nice to have the ceremony and reception at the same place.  Made for less headaches!  The rehearsal dinner was at Cafe Adobe and since it had been such a long day for many of us, it wasn’t a crazy night.  I had to go work on putting some CD’s of music together for play when the band was taking a break. 

I couldn’t have picked a better hotel, at least for the sole reason of having a Bally’s within 100ft.  So, Saturday morning I got up and got some endorphins flowing before heading to the salon to get my hair did.  I’m so not an “up do” person, so I went with normal hair, just partially back.  After the salon, we went to the Baethge’s house for makeup.  This part was exciting because I got my first experience with fake eyelashes!  I wish I was skilled enough to put them on, because I would totally wear them often.  Here’s grandma gettin’ her hair did…

After lunch we headed to Briscoe to get dressed, take pictures and get ready to rock!  I’m really going to consider getting a couple ribs knocked out because my dress was so constricting around my ribs.  They stick out so much, I feel like a heffer at times!  We had fun hanging out in the bridal suite, trying to make Erin laugh to forget about her wedding jitters.  


The ceremony was at 5:30 and went off without a hitch!  Minus the fact that Erin, bless her, first tried to put Daniel’s ring on his right hand.  Erin’s BFF growing up sang “Ave Maria” at the ceremony and it was just beautiful.  It was at this point, and right when Erin walked in that my eyes started watering.  No tears actually fell, but the watery-ness is a major step.  I told Erin and she was definitely touched.


I’ve also given Erin, Robyn and whoever is in the audience at Suz & Jay’s wedding in April to make funny faces at me while I’m up near the “stage” trying to be a good bridemaid.  I think those clowns strategically sat on Daniel’s side so they could be in my eyesight.  They kept making faces at me and I couldn’t help but laugh and then look away immediately.  Jerks.


After a few pics it was time for the reception!  In the words of the wedding coordinator, “you guys are now free… go get plastered!”.  With the open bar, this wasn’t too hard of a task.  Dinner was delicious, the cake was creative and the couple’s first dance was very fitting.  I don’t know what kind of jig they did, but it was obvious they practiced.  I remember when I lived with Erin, the two of them took dancing lessons on Tuesday nights.  They’d always come home and practice and sometimes I’d peer around the corner out of my bedroom to catch them in action.  


Once we loosened up the band to play more than George Strait, the dancing began.  I think our crew was the only ones out there dancing all night, but the Cotton Eyed Joe did end up getting the Brits out there later on.  I’m scared to see the wedding video, I know I was really hammimg it up.  I’m pretty sure I even apologized to the camera man for stealing the spotlight so much.  He just laughed.  I’m sure he also enjoyed the bridemaids’ personal video message as we decided to sing “Proud To Be An American” in honor of Daniel’s new American status.  

The night wouldn’t have been complete without the receiving of my new life-size Elvis cut out!  Robyn’s dad went as Elvis to a Christmas party recently and I guess they gave him the Elvis.  And of course he realized it was meant for me, so he gave it to me at the end of the party last night.  I told Suz I could recreate the Home Alone-Michael Jordan-train track setup anytime now.  You know, just to keep the burglars out.


Congrats to Erin and Daniel!  I didn’t have to give any toasts but if I had I would have recalled the night we all met Daniel.  I remember wondering who this kid is with the British accent and crazy sideburns.  I then remember how Erin wasn’t keen on him at first and then it was like a week later and I was reading an email from her stating how she and Daniel had gone on a picnic and she felt like she was walking on air.  I think the moment I realized they were meant to be together was when I was leaving TCU one day, walking back to the McCart house and I crossed paths with them as they were heading to school.  I remember looking back after a minute or two and they were walking and then jumping and clicking heels.  I remember thinking, they are definitely in their own little world!  I told Erin that story Friday night and she goes, “I can’t believe you saw us!!”  Which is pretty remarkable because this was like 4 years ago!

Also, I unfortunately did not catch the bouquet this time.  But, I tried!


Now that the wedding festivities are over, its time to enjoy Christmas vacation.  Can I just say how amazing it feels to be out of the office????  I was so tired this afternoon that I took almost a 3 hour nap.  Maybe I’m still recovering from last night.  I’m sure spa day tomorrow at the Lake Austin Spa will get me re energized.  Oh baby oh baby oh… I’m excited!

P.S. You can view the rest of the wedding pics here.