Last night was a holiday cookie decorating party with the group from Bible Study.  We decorated snowmen, gingerbread men, snowflakes, ornaments, Christmas trees, etc etc.  I arrived on the scene with severe cookie decorator’s block.  But, it wasn’t long before my creativity started flowin’.

The categories were: Most Creative, Ugliest, Most Original, Most Patriotic, and Most Professional.  I’m proud to say that I received two 3rd place nods.  Which I’d like to think equals one 1st place prize. 

I decided to think a little outside of the box for Most Patriotic.  Surely everyone would be doing something red, white and blue.  But, patriotic doesn’t have to mean U.S.A.  Which is why I decided to be patriotic through Rocky’s eyes and created the following…


My next creation was entered into the Most Creative category and received 3rd place.  The judges thought it was just a smoking Santa, but clearly they didn’t notice the feather in the hat.  It’s a pimp snowman.


Unfortunately, my entry for the Most Original category didn’t win anything.  If the judges would have known that I had transformed an Indian into Elvis, they would have had a little more respect for my creation.  Right when I got the idea to do Elvis, I was informed there were no more snowmen cookies.  Luckily, Debra hadn’t gotten any farther than icing the cookie brown and placing a red dot on the forehead before she graciously surrendered the last snowman cookie to me.  I then wiped the slate clean and created Elvis.  Suz also made a Frida, which placed 2nd, and we opted for the cheesy Christmas photo ops…

cookies  cookie21

P.S.  I’m preserving Elvis in my freezer, so if you want to see it next time you’re over… just ask.