This is a four day work week for me and going into Monday I had successfully booked lunch dates for all four days.  But, apparently this week I’ve become extremely uncool.

Erin had to cancel on me Monday for obvious last minute wedding prep.  Understandable.  MJ had to cancel on me Tuesday because her office was ordering pizza in to avoid driving in the slick streets (suck).  Understandable.  And today a girl I used to work with cancelled on me for a reason I’m unaware of.  Washing her hair?  Maybe.

I’m trying to keep my chin up here, but its really depressing this close to the holidays.  I mean, I take a shower every morning.  I wear deodorant.  I comb my wear.   I’m somewhat in touch with style.  What’s wrong with me?  Should I start eating worms?

Tomorrow is lunch with ABS and I’m hoping she doesn’t cancel on me, too.  Although, if she does, I forsee her excuse being she’s absolutely wiped out from law school finals and can’t gather the strength to drive out to Irving.  Ho hum.