This being the only free weekend at home I’ve had in 3 weeks and the only one I’ll have before Christmas, I had to make it a productive one.  I counted about 10 places I needed to go to this weekend and yesterday I crossed about half of them off.  And I managed to wrap gifts, make my grandma’s fudge (OMG) and go hangout with my favorite almost old married couple.  

I’ve decided to *try to give up Starbucks and resort back to homemade brewing.  I’ve asked Santa for some sweet to go coffee mugs, so I’m thinking if/once he delivers I’ll get into the habit of taking my coffee from home.  Of course, what fun would life be if I didn’t indulge in Starbucks occasionally?  It wouldn’t.  So, I’m going to make Starbucks a Friday morning treat.  But, yesterday and today it’s been quite an adjustment.  My homemade coffee is not nearly as strong as theirs and I almost feel like I’m drinking instant Foldger’s or something.  Hopefully Santa puts some good Anderson’s coffee in my stocking, too…

I also think I am BFF with my alterations lady.  She loves me.  She really does.  You should see her face light up when I walk in the store.  “HIIIIIII, HOW ARE YOOOOUUUU?”.  It gives me warm fuzzies inside.  I saw her yesterday to pick up my dress for Erin’s wedding.  It was nice because we got to exchange Merry Christmases and for kicks I threw in the classic “I’ll see you next year!”

Last night, we went to dinner at Olivella’s in Snyder Plaza and got to sit outside.  It felt very non-Dallas like.  It was fun!  And afterwards we went back to Suz’s to watch the beloved Home Alone.  I had to go to three places to find it on DVD.  Apparently, it’s a big hit this year and everyone is sold out.  Interesting, since it’s been out for 15+ years, right?  It was as good as always.  And of course we knew all the words.  I think Baby’s First Christmas enjoyed it, too… although he was asleep on the couch for almost all of it.