Well, unfortunately we did not win the Lotto.  I now have to continue being accountable at 8:30am everyday, no pun intended. 

Memphis was good, the BBQ was great, and Graceland was amazing.  It was a quick trip but I accomplished almost everything I had set out to accomplish.  It’s amazing how much you can get done when you wake up at 7:45 on the weekends.  Not to mention eating breakfast at 8, lunch at 11 and dinner at 5.  That’s the schedule at the old folks home.  And since we really stayed at the old folks home, we stayed on schedule.  Kirby Pines is a nice place, its probably the nicest retirement/assisted living place I’ve ever seen.  They have “hotel rooms” you can check out.  I had the Rosette Room.  Two twin beds, a TV and lots of hand-me-down furniture and accessories, including pictures of a darling little boy (no idea who he is)… what more could you ask for?

Luckily Starbucks is within a 2 mile radius, so I got to enjoy my daily dosage of caffiene every morning.  Saturday, we took out shopping.  I got a couple gifts, some clothes for myself, a jacket that I’ll get from my Mom and Dan at Christmas, and a new rug.  Well played.

Later on in the afternoon we headed for Elvis Presley Blvd.  I decided to make that our last stop, so we could time it just right and see the Christmas lights as the sun went down.  I have Graceland down to a science.  We park in one of the tacky souvenir gift shop parking lots so we don’t have to pay for parking.  We hit up the shop and buy a thing or two, in order to not get towed, and then we mosey down to the most beautiful sight in the world.  There really is nothing better than seeing Graceland at Christmas.  There’s the lights strewn about, the larger than life nativity scene in the front yard, and the sign that says, “Merry Christmas to All, [From] Elvis”.  Not to mention the Elvis Christmas music blaring from the outdoor speakers.  It’s just enough to bring a warm chill to your body and tears to your eyes.

We didn’t have time for the whole tour, so technically I’ve only visited the mansion 12 times, but it’s 14 if you count just stopping by (this year and last).  I vowed to Elvis that we would do the full tour next year.  And we will.  Not only have I missed being inside this house, I know my Mom has, too.

After the religious experience, we headed to Corky’s for some amazing Memphis BBQ.  Did I also mention that I got to drive the Caddy around for all of this?  Don’t think I did, but now I did, so we’re good. 

On Funday Sunday, we got to attend the “dinner” down the main dining room at 11:30am.  It was a close call on whether or not I’d be able to go since silly me only packed jeans.  There is a dress code for the dining room, especially at Sunday dinner.  Jeans are not allowed.  At first I was going to try to pull it off by wearing my all black lounge pants.  Surely people would think I was just being comfortable.  But, I felt awkward wearing what I had slept in, so I decided to wear what my Mom had worn the day prior.  And luckily I passed inspection at the hostess stand.  Dan, however, did not.  We learned there’s another rule for Sunday dinner.  Jacket required.  So, the hostess had to go get a hand-me-down jacket for Dan to wear.  I’d like to insert a “booya” here, if I could, because he gave me a hard time about not packing something dressier than jeans.  Booya.

I’d also like to say that if and when I ever get old, I’ll need an assisted living place a little more on the casual side.  Somewhere that allows t-shirts and flip flops in the main dining room.

It was a quick but nice weekend.  Of course I came home with some sweet souveniers.  One being a new hat.  Don’t laugh.  Two being most likely the coolest thing I’ve ever purchased there… a sink stopper with Elvis’ personal motto.  Takin’ Care of Business in a flash.



I’ll post more pictures of Graceland later on in the week.  Stay tuned…

I’d also like to go ahead and reiterate that Elvis and Marilyn Monroe did not have an affair in the Jungle Room, much like the lyrics of  “Walking in Memphis” hint.  Which is where Mary got the idea and decided it would be great to tease me about it for the rest of my life.  I’m not saying Elvis and Marilyn never had an affair, its definitely possible, but I can guarantee they didn’t have one in the Jungle Room.  Why?  Because she died in 1962, whereas the Jungle Room didn’t come into existence until the mid 1970’s when Elvis purchased the Jungle Room contents during a 30 minute shopping spree in Hawaii.  Thank ya, thank ya very much.