I guess the Lotto must be up to some insanely large amount of money this week because our department has decided to go in on an office pool.  Everyone that wanted to participate put in $1 towards the pot.  Fifty people chipped in so we have 50 Lotto tickets for tonight’s drawing. 

Here’s the thing.  Not only is there peer pressure to join the pool, but it makes for an interesting kick-yourself-in-the-pants outcome if you don’t play the game.  Say you were one who decided to keep your DOLLAR.  Say the office pool had a lucky winning Lotto ticket.  Say everyone but you won millions of dollars.  Say everyone who won decided to quit.  That means not only are you not a millionaire, but you also have to do 50 people’s jobs.

Needless to say… I chipped in.  Let’s bring home the bacon!