It’s Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, Friday for me, and I am ready to get outta dodge.  Work is slow today since we sent all our financials to New York yesterday.  Which is good and bad.  Good that I have a break from being busy, bad that it’s going to make for a long day if I have nothing to do.  Which means I’ll pay some attention to my blog I guess.  Maybe do a little online shopping.  That’s one more thing I’m really good at.  I’ll probably also take a really long lunch, maybe stop by Target or Best Buy to buy some full price music.  I’ll probably also debate what I want for lunch for at least 30 minutes.  But, that won’t be because I have the time to, its because bored Emily makes for an even more indecisive person.  I’m also gonna need to track down Elmo.  The stuffed Elmo I ordered as a birthday gift for Halle that mysteriously was delivered last Thursday and has still yet to make an appearance at my cube. 

So, really when I think about it, I have my work cut out for me today.  Hopefully I can wrap all this up by 4, so I can roll out of here and head home to get Rocky.  It would be awesome if he and I could be on the road by 5.  I tried to make a reservation for him at doggie daycare by the office, just to avoid the trip home after work, but apparently the idiots there are more in tune with my dogs health than I am, let alone my vet.  Here’s a snapshot of our convo yesterday…

Me: Hi, I’d like to make a reservation to bring my dog into daycare tomorrow.
Phone Lady: Sure, whats your dogs name?
Me: Rocky Clark (Why is it weird to me to have to say Rocky’s last name?)
Phone Lady: Ok.  Has Rocky has his second Bordatella vaccination yet?
Me: Um, no. (Doesn’t the vet send you a postcard when its time to come in?)
Phone Lady: Well, he’s going to need that before he can come to daycare.
Me: (Pissed off) Well, SCRATCH that then.
Phone Lady: I’m sorry about tha…
Me: (Hanging up phone)

How does dog daycare know that my dog needs a vaccination?  I just don’t get it.  I’m done with that place.  They charge $22 bucks for letting Rocky run around with a bunch of dogs in an open room that smells like #1 and #2 for a day.  And every time I pick Rocky up he looks like he’s been gang banged by a pack of Pit Bulls.  I wouldn’t have opted to take him there today if it weren’t for the convenience of getting on the road earlier.  But now… now, I am done with them.

Good news!  I just got work to do!!  Unfortunately, it’s not exciting work… its hand me down work.  I get to spend the day linking one spreadsheet tab to another. 

The only thing worse than being bored is being bored with busy work.