I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what kind of job I would not only be good at but one I would enjoy as well. The truth is I have no idea. I wish I were one of those people who woke up one morning and said to themselves, “Hey! You’d make a great dentist. You should be a dentist!”. I’ve yet to have that kind of epiphany in my 27 years.

My parents would probably like to take this opportunity to remind me that I have a degree. And that its in Accounting. What an accomplishment! So much money went into it! We are so proud! You are set for life with a career!  While this may be true, I don’t really feel that accomplished in the world of Accounting. It’s true that I know more than the average bear when it comes to counting beans, but compared other bean counters, I feel like I don’t know a thing. I’m great at plugging away, doing what I’m told, but when it comes to conceptually understanding what is going on when I do these things… I feel like I’m wandering around in space, trying to find my yellow brick road.

So, when my assistant controller comes up to me and says “we need to reclass the PJ investment dividend return of capital from dividend income to realized gain/loss which will effect out net investment income ratio”, I feel like a lost sheep. I smile, nod my head up and down, throw in an “okay” and a “uh-huh” to make it believable that I know whats going on, but as soon as he walks away I scramble to write down the key words he just threw out at me. Reclass, dividend, dividend income, realized, NII. I then set out to sort my way through 50 bazillion files to see if I can figure out how to crack the code. Believe me when I say its not as much fun as it sounds.

I have one more problem which I should mention. In addition to not being that good at what I do and not enjoying it, I really don’t give a flip. Can’t we throw all the numbers in one account and call it a day?  Someone alert FASB… we have a delinquent accountant on our hands! It’s probably also a bad sign that I enjoyed my 45 minute phone call this morning with IT as they tried to figure out why my computer is jacked up. It gave me a nice mid morning break to a) not work and b) play Solitaire on my iPhone.

Now, if only it were easy to figure out what I was destined to do. I’ve decided to make a list of things I’m good at and things I enjoy. If anyone has any ideas or job suggestions please send them my way. OK, here we go… things I’m good at:

*Making “mixed tapes”
*Endlessly researching anything related to health, fitness and food on the Internet
*Talking endlessly about anything health, fitness or food related
*People watching and making humorous observations
*Writing in general… blogging, texting, emailing
*Dressing up in character
*Organizing anything
*Going on vacation… I’m really good at that
*Making cool crafts (not gay ones like crocheting doilies)
*Watching reruns of 90210 and Sex and the City
*Selling anything and everything on eBay
*Also “winning” anything and everything on Bay
*Designing sweet t-shirts (i.e. the marathon shirt everyone still wears)
*Posing for pictures (get your mind out of the gutter)
*Making home movies and music videos

I’m secretly hoping word of my blog continues to spread and someday there is someone who, for whatever reason, wants to pay me to sit in a coffee shop and write all day long. That would be ideal.

I think I could also just work in a coffee shop period.  There’s something about the aroma of coffee beans, the sounds of Jazz music and the absence of keyboards, printers and 10 key’s that is so alluring.  I could be the person who makes your triple espresso mocha frappachino every morning.  I’d greet you when you walked in the door and say, “Good morning Jim,  are we having the regular today?”.  I would take such pleasure in knowing I was probably the highlight of that person’s morning.  But, even though I’d save $600 a year from getting free coffee, it would be hard to get by on a coffee-maker’s income… being a single mother and all.

So I go back to the drawing board.  Speaking of drawing, I’m really good at drawing pictures on dry erase boards as well as drawing things on cakes.  Maybe I could be a cake decorator.  Or maybe tomorrow I’ll just wake up with that epiphany I’ve been waiting on…

EDITED: I’ve received some good advice from my Dad… “If you don’t like accounting, make a plan to bug out of the dug out!”.