This weekend was dedicated to Erin and her upcoming last few days of being single.  We had a dinner party Friday night at Caroline’s that included some lingerie giving and some cake building.  I’d really love to go into detail about the night, but for the sake of my blog remaining PG-13, I’ll have to skip over the details.  Let me just say that my gift was a pleasant surprise and that my team won the cake decorating contest.  It’s amazing what all you can do with jelly beans, M&Ms, marshmallows, Mike and Ike’s, fun size Twix and some trail mix.  I’m really beginning to think I should go into business as a cake decorator.  I’m pretty gifted.

Saturday was spent eating Robyn’s MOIST banana bread and going to the spa for pedicures.  I’m pretty convinced I don’t belong in nice spas.  I think the people that work there can spot me coming a mile away and go out of their way to make feel awkward.  So I embrace it and do things like consider the green toenail polish and ask the pedicurists (?) if its a popular color.  And then once I’m in the chair and the lady begins to look at my feet I have to give her the warning – “I have really bad feet.  I run a lot”.  She usually agrees and then when its time to scrub away the calluses, I suffer from extreme leg tremors that get so violent I almost sock the pedicurist in the face.  And on Saturday I reached a new level of uncomfortableness.  I managed to knock over a glass frame and drop a bowl full of cookies all in one swoop.  It’s just not easy being green.

Saturday night we went out to dinner in Deep Ellum at Monica’s.  It was pretty tasty and fun to watch Erin cha-cha-cha with the mariachi band.  After dinner we went to Sunset Lounge with the goal of being the first group of people to arrive at the bar that night.  Sadly, we came in second.  We spent a good 3 hours at this place being entertained by the music, the mating rituals of a popped collar dude and a lady in red (both on something), Erin’s dance moves and her growing enthusiasm/confidence in checking off her bachelorette To-Do list.  This is best evidenced when we were leaving the bar and as we were walking out of the door there were two Police officers standing next to the bouncer.  Erin turns to us and says, “there are two cops, should I go up and talk to them?”.  Of course!  As she begins to slowly drift towards them, they begin to back away because they have no idea what she is doing.  She then befriends them and we get a picture.  It was a very entertaining evening, and as you can see by the pictures and videos, Erin was a real champ.  I just don’t know who invited this girl



I realized it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Erin have too much to drink.  In fact, I can really only count two times that I’ve seen her surpass her limits.  The first was when we were in Ireland and had gone to some bar where she showed off her Jazzercize dance moves.  The next morning was pretty rocky for her on the tour bus.  I recall her losing her OJ before we even took off.  She looked so sad and pitiful all day on the bus.  The next time she had too much fun was a few months later at her 21st birthday party.  That was a fun night… for everyone else.  She was 5 minutes away from home when she got “car sick” in the car.  I guess there’s a reason she keeps tabs on herself nowadays…



I finished off the weekend making some shrimp creole and dusting off my basketballs skills.  Which, might I add, are still amazing.  I bet my opponent that I could make one of my first 5 free throws having not played basketball in at least 2-3 years.  I sank #4, thank you very much.  Unfortunately, I didn’t bet anything.  Apparently its another quirk of mine… I like to make bets.  Just bets, no prizes or anything.  Like, I bet you I will chew 5 more pieces of gum before the day is over.  That’s it.