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Today was day one of my Thanksgiving and it was awesome.  I decided to drive to Austin last night so I could sleep in today.  My last vacation day was spent in airports all day, so I figured I should make the most of each one I take.  Meaning no travel.  I didn’t get off work yesterday as early as planned.  Around 4pm (the time I was hoping to leave) I asked my boss if there was anything else he needed from me, what I thought was a polite segway into “Is it cool if I peace out now?”.  Unfortunately, he didn’t catch my suttle clue and told me I could help with a few things.  Which took another 45 minutes.  Which means I left work around 5, which means… hello traffic.  It ended up taking about 5 hours door to door.  I suppose it could have been worse.

I slept in this morning… slept in until about 8.  Got up and had coffee as I played around on my Mac Book and watched Beyonce on the Today Show.  After breakfast settled I made my way down to the closet sized gym and did some elliptical-ling.  I decided to spice up my experience since this elliptical is probably a first generation machine and has no arm handles.  Or whatever you call them.  So I got creative and threw in an upper body kickboxing workout.  Had anyone walked in on this they might have thought I was crazy throwing punches in the air, but what a workout!  

Mom and I headed into town to have lunch with my Dad and do some last minute grocery shopping.  Its become a habit for me to fore go carrying my purse at all times and just throw a credit card in my back pocket and roll.  Sometimes this is a bad idea.  After being in the H.E.B. (best grocery store EVER) for 3 minutes a man over the intercom started talking… “Paging Emily Clark, Emily Clark will you please come to the Business Center.  Emily Clark please come to the Business Center”.  Someone dropped their credit card.  I should really be more careful.

Sarah called me as we were checking out instructing me to picked up a Chronicle ASAP because their was someone on the cover that we knew.  Luckily H.E.B. had a stack and I recognized the name immediately.  Apparently a girl we went to high school with is now starting to “make it” on the music scene.  Once she becomes famous I’ll reminisce about how she used to sing the National Anthem at our home basketball games in high school.  Check her out… 


Two of the 6 Aggies have arrived and we are awaiting the arrival of the rest before eating dinner.  It’s been a fun couple of hours recounting the drama of the Hills and 90210… I’m relieved that at 27 I can still relate to college kids.  But, now I’m starting to get hungry and its not helping that the aroma of delicious lasagna is permeating the house.  Time to start expanding the stomach in preparation for tomorrow.  And Friday.  Thats right… two Thanksgiving meals for this one.  

Also, it wouldn’t feel like home if I didn’t receive a polite text from Kelley alerting me of her arrival to Austin… “In town a$$wipe”.

Oh and it sounds like the Aggies are approaching.  Hullabalo Kaneck Kaneck is being played over the car horn on the Suburban.  Dinner time!


It’s Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, Friday for me, and I am ready to get outta dodge.  Work is slow today since we sent all our financials to New York yesterday.  Which is good and bad.  Good that I have a break from being busy, bad that it’s going to make for a long day if I have nothing to do.  Which means I’ll pay some attention to my blog I guess.  Maybe do a little online shopping.  That’s one more thing I’m really good at.  I’ll probably also take a really long lunch, maybe stop by Target or Best Buy to buy some full price music.  I’ll probably also debate what I want for lunch for at least 30 minutes.  But, that won’t be because I have the time to, its because bored Emily makes for an even more indecisive person.  I’m also gonna need to track down Elmo.  The stuffed Elmo I ordered as a birthday gift for Halle that mysteriously was delivered last Thursday and has still yet to make an appearance at my cube. 

So, really when I think about it, I have my work cut out for me today.  Hopefully I can wrap all this up by 4, so I can roll out of here and head home to get Rocky.  It would be awesome if he and I could be on the road by 5.  I tried to make a reservation for him at doggie daycare by the office, just to avoid the trip home after work, but apparently the idiots there are more in tune with my dogs health than I am, let alone my vet.  Here’s a snapshot of our convo yesterday…

Me: Hi, I’d like to make a reservation to bring my dog into daycare tomorrow.
Phone Lady: Sure, whats your dogs name?
Me: Rocky Clark (Why is it weird to me to have to say Rocky’s last name?)
Phone Lady: Ok.  Has Rocky has his second Bordatella vaccination yet?
Me: Um, no. (Doesn’t the vet send you a postcard when its time to come in?)
Phone Lady: Well, he’s going to need that before he can come to daycare.
Me: (Pissed off) Well, SCRATCH that then.
Phone Lady: I’m sorry about tha…
Me: (Hanging up phone)

How does dog daycare know that my dog needs a vaccination?  I just don’t get it.  I’m done with that place.  They charge $22 bucks for letting Rocky run around with a bunch of dogs in an open room that smells like #1 and #2 for a day.  And every time I pick Rocky up he looks like he’s been gang banged by a pack of Pit Bulls.  I wouldn’t have opted to take him there today if it weren’t for the convenience of getting on the road earlier.  But now… now, I am done with them.

Good news!  I just got work to do!!  Unfortunately, it’s not exciting work… its hand me down work.  I get to spend the day linking one spreadsheet tab to another. 

The only thing worse than being bored is being bored with busy work.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what kind of job I would not only be good at but one I would enjoy as well. The truth is I have no idea. I wish I were one of those people who woke up one morning and said to themselves, “Hey! You’d make a great dentist. You should be a dentist!”. I’ve yet to have that kind of epiphany in my 27 years.

My parents would probably like to take this opportunity to remind me that I have a degree. And that its in Accounting. What an accomplishment! So much money went into it! We are so proud! You are set for life with a career!  While this may be true, I don’t really feel that accomplished in the world of Accounting. It’s true that I know more than the average bear when it comes to counting beans, but compared other bean counters, I feel like I don’t know a thing. I’m great at plugging away, doing what I’m told, but when it comes to conceptually understanding what is going on when I do these things… I feel like I’m wandering around in space, trying to find my yellow brick road.

So, when my assistant controller comes up to me and says “we need to reclass the PJ investment dividend return of capital from dividend income to realized gain/loss which will effect out net investment income ratio”, I feel like a lost sheep. I smile, nod my head up and down, throw in an “okay” and a “uh-huh” to make it believable that I know whats going on, but as soon as he walks away I scramble to write down the key words he just threw out at me. Reclass, dividend, dividend income, realized, NII. I then set out to sort my way through 50 bazillion files to see if I can figure out how to crack the code. Believe me when I say its not as much fun as it sounds.

I have one more problem which I should mention. In addition to not being that good at what I do and not enjoying it, I really don’t give a flip. Can’t we throw all the numbers in one account and call it a day?  Someone alert FASB… we have a delinquent accountant on our hands! It’s probably also a bad sign that I enjoyed my 45 minute phone call this morning with IT as they tried to figure out why my computer is jacked up. It gave me a nice mid morning break to a) not work and b) play Solitaire on my iPhone.

Now, if only it were easy to figure out what I was destined to do. I’ve decided to make a list of things I’m good at and things I enjoy. If anyone has any ideas or job suggestions please send them my way. OK, here we go… things I’m good at:

*Making “mixed tapes”
*Endlessly researching anything related to health, fitness and food on the Internet
*Talking endlessly about anything health, fitness or food related
*People watching and making humorous observations
*Writing in general… blogging, texting, emailing
*Dressing up in character
*Organizing anything
*Going on vacation… I’m really good at that
*Making cool crafts (not gay ones like crocheting doilies)
*Watching reruns of 90210 and Sex and the City
*Selling anything and everything on eBay
*Also “winning” anything and everything on Bay
*Designing sweet t-shirts (i.e. the marathon shirt everyone still wears)
*Posing for pictures (get your mind out of the gutter)
*Making home movies and music videos

I’m secretly hoping word of my blog continues to spread and someday there is someone who, for whatever reason, wants to pay me to sit in a coffee shop and write all day long. That would be ideal.

I think I could also just work in a coffee shop period.  There’s something about the aroma of coffee beans, the sounds of Jazz music and the absence of keyboards, printers and 10 key’s that is so alluring.  I could be the person who makes your triple espresso mocha frappachino every morning.  I’d greet you when you walked in the door and say, “Good morning Jim,  are we having the regular today?”.  I would take such pleasure in knowing I was probably the highlight of that person’s morning.  But, even though I’d save $600 a year from getting free coffee, it would be hard to get by on a coffee-maker’s income… being a single mother and all.

So I go back to the drawing board.  Speaking of drawing, I’m really good at drawing pictures on dry erase boards as well as drawing things on cakes.  Maybe I could be a cake decorator.  Or maybe tomorrow I’ll just wake up with that epiphany I’ve been waiting on…

EDITED: I’ve received some good advice from my Dad… “If you don’t like accounting, make a plan to bug out of the dug out!”.

This weekend was dedicated to Erin and her upcoming last few days of being single.  We had a dinner party Friday night at Caroline’s that included some lingerie giving and some cake building.  I’d really love to go into detail about the night, but for the sake of my blog remaining PG-13, I’ll have to skip over the details.  Let me just say that my gift was a pleasant surprise and that my team won the cake decorating contest.  It’s amazing what all you can do with jelly beans, M&Ms, marshmallows, Mike and Ike’s, fun size Twix and some trail mix.  I’m really beginning to think I should go into business as a cake decorator.  I’m pretty gifted.

Saturday was spent eating Robyn’s MOIST banana bread and going to the spa for pedicures.  I’m pretty convinced I don’t belong in nice spas.  I think the people that work there can spot me coming a mile away and go out of their way to make feel awkward.  So I embrace it and do things like consider the green toenail polish and ask the pedicurists (?) if its a popular color.  And then once I’m in the chair and the lady begins to look at my feet I have to give her the warning – “I have really bad feet.  I run a lot”.  She usually agrees and then when its time to scrub away the calluses, I suffer from extreme leg tremors that get so violent I almost sock the pedicurist in the face.  And on Saturday I reached a new level of uncomfortableness.  I managed to knock over a glass frame and drop a bowl full of cookies all in one swoop.  It’s just not easy being green.

Saturday night we went out to dinner in Deep Ellum at Monica’s.  It was pretty tasty and fun to watch Erin cha-cha-cha with the mariachi band.  After dinner we went to Sunset Lounge with the goal of being the first group of people to arrive at the bar that night.  Sadly, we came in second.  We spent a good 3 hours at this place being entertained by the music, the mating rituals of a popped collar dude and a lady in red (both on something), Erin’s dance moves and her growing enthusiasm/confidence in checking off her bachelorette To-Do list.  This is best evidenced when we were leaving the bar and as we were walking out of the door there were two Police officers standing next to the bouncer.  Erin turns to us and says, “there are two cops, should I go up and talk to them?”.  Of course!  As she begins to slowly drift towards them, they begin to back away because they have no idea what she is doing.  She then befriends them and we get a picture.  It was a very entertaining evening, and as you can see by the pictures and videos, Erin was a real champ.  I just don’t know who invited this girl



I realized it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Erin have too much to drink.  In fact, I can really only count two times that I’ve seen her surpass her limits.  The first was when we were in Ireland and had gone to some bar where she showed off her Jazzercize dance moves.  The next morning was pretty rocky for her on the tour bus.  I recall her losing her OJ before we even took off.  She looked so sad and pitiful all day on the bus.  The next time she had too much fun was a few months later at her 21st birthday party.  That was a fun night… for everyone else.  She was 5 minutes away from home when she got “car sick” in the car.  I guess there’s a reason she keeps tabs on herself nowadays…



I finished off the weekend making some shrimp creole and dusting off my basketballs skills.  Which, might I add, are still amazing.  I bet my opponent that I could make one of my first 5 free throws having not played basketball in at least 2-3 years.  I sank #4, thank you very much.  Unfortunately, I didn’t bet anything.  Apparently its another quirk of mine… I like to make bets.  Just bets, no prizes or anything.  Like, I bet you I will chew 5 more pieces of gum before the day is over.  That’s it.

I am oblivious to most things, I think.  I really just don’t think a lot, or pay close attention to things.  Including my surroundings.  But, sometimes, those surroundings are unavoidable.  Tonight I was checking out at my ghetto Kroger when I witnessed something hilarious I couldn’t help but watch.

And no, it wasn’t the same time of funny as the time Mary and I about lost it at Albertson’s as a grocery cart with two kids in it went sailing, eventually tipping over, while the dad slowly reacted, throwing a bag full of vegetables in the air as he darted to catch them.  He didn’t make it in time.  Perhaps he should pay closer attention.  Ahem.

Back to tonight.  Grocery stores are usually loud, and my ghetto Kroger is no different.  I was checking out when all of a sudden I hear voices yelling.  Both ladies are grandmas, I’d presume, and had travelled to the store to pick up a bag of Fritos.  And were they ever grumpy!  Grumps #1 had taken the liberty of going through the self check out, but had somehow managed to leave Grumps #2, who was using one of those walkers with the tennis balls that cap the bottom of the legs, in the freezer section without telling her she was gonna go ahead and check out.  This didn’t please Grumps #2 and she paraded, ever so slowly, to the check out lanes yelling for Grumps #1.  Here is the dialogue.  Please note I’m using all caps to really emphasize the extremely loud volume of their voices.

Grumps #1: WHERE ARE YOU?????????????????

And on and on.  My scanner lady called for me twice to get my attention to sign my receipt, but for once I was fully engrossed in my surroundings.  Grumps #2 was so grumpy after that conversation that she walked out of the store 15 feet in front of Grumps #1, who was trudging along with her walker, mumbling about how she couldn’t believe Grumps #2 had acted so ridiculous back there. 

I just hope I never get old.  But, since that’s inevitable, I just hope I act more like the grandma we saw in Miami.  She was wasted the entire time we were there and wore an embroidered shirt with 5 Volkswagen Beetles on it that said, “Don’t Bug Me”.  That’s what I’m talking about…

Last weekend my Mom and I headed to NYC for a little get-a-way.  The trip was wonderful and just what I needed.  I feel rather refreshed, physically and mentally, and I’m starting to get excited for the holidays!

Mom and I booked separate flights to Newark that were to arrive within 15 minutes of each other.  Wishful thinking, of course.  My flight was to depart DFW at noon, so I got up that morning and caught a quick workout before coming home to shower, eat breakfast and put the finishing touches on my suitcase.  However, when I got back from the gym I had a voicemail from AA (the stupid automated voice that is so cheery its annoying) saying my flight had been cancelled and they went ahead and booked me on a flight that arrives at 11pm.  Asphinctersayswhat?  I immediately called back and after 10 minutes of trying to talk to the automated voice and eventually cussing her out because she kept repeating my last name as White and not Clark (do those sound at all similar?), I got ahold of someone in AA Advantage.  I told them I had “important business” that I had to be there for that evening and to please put me on an earlier flight.  They switched me to a flight that connected in Chicago and would only delay me to NY by about 30 minutes.  I should have realized how risky this was.  Of course there ended up being a 4 hour delay at O’Hare.  Needless to say, by the time we were airborne I deemed it necessary to splurge on a $6 canned beer. 

My Mom had arrived 2 hours before I did, so when I landed we quickly caught a ride to the city.  When we got to the Sheraton and checked into our room we noticed it was rather warm.  We tried fiddling with the thermostat for a good while and decided to ask the the front desk for some assistance.  “Oh, we don’t have AC” the lady at the front desk said.  Huh?  We are from Texas, we don’t speak that language.  Granted, we were using points and not cash to pay for our rooms, but you’d still think that would entitle us to one of the basic human needs.  Somehow we survived.  Thanks be to Tylenol PM’s and my pretend thinking that we were in Europe, not the US.

We got up Friday and made a B-line for the MoMA.  Since my Mom works for a museum, not only did we get in free, but we also got to skip the ginormous line outside.  Can I get a booya? There was a Van Gogh exhibit there that was excellent and had attracted the masses.  I enjoy VG and modern art in general, so it was an ideal museum experience. 



After the museum we had lunch at one of my favorite chains, Cosi.  Oh, how I miss thee.  I got my fill of delicious bread samples and we headed out to spend money.  The shopping spree consisted of H&M, Aldo, Banana, J. Crew, Zara and a few street vendors. Whatever mulah I saved from flying with miles, I surely made up for with clothes.


That night we went to see Mamma Mia. What a good show! I’ve always loved ABBA, but really this show put my love of their music into perspective. I also got a good idea for Halloween next year. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know what I’m envisioning. I just hope they sell those jumpsuits on the Internet. After the show we went out for sushi/Asian. Every night we ate dinner around 10pm. I liked it.

Saturday was Brooklyn Day. I’d never been out of Manhattan and thought it would be fun to expand the horizons a bit. We went to the Brooklyn Museum first and it was the perfect day for a museum. Rainy.  We saw an exhibit on Egyptian stuff, for lack of a better word, and some more modern art.  Some was a little racy.  And funny…



And some was just cool…


Afterwards, we tried to find the restaurant of a friends suggestion, but my iPhone let me down (yes it happens) and we ended up getting off at the wrong subway stop. Fortunately, it was Clark Station so we weren’t let down. We walked a block and ate at Clark’s Restaurant. Again, impossible to be let down.  It was a late lunch, 4ish, and we decided breakfast sounded good. We split banana-chocolate-chip pancakes and a pastrami and Swiss omelet. Most delicious.

After lunch we decided to try to walk the Brooklyn Bridge since it had stopped raining. The views weren’t spectacular due to the hazy day, but we did get yelled at by a biker because apparently we were walking in the “BIKE LANE BIKE LANE BIKE LANE”. Got it the first time, pal.


After an hour or so of walking, we ran back to the hotel to change and then met Alyson at the Comedy Cellar for a show. I’m generally not a fan of comedy clubs, I feel that they are awkward especially if the comedian really isn’t funny. But, this one was hilarious and a bit raunchy/foul mouthed. A couple of drinks made it all the more entertaining. After dinner we went to Alyson’s favorite Italian restaurant, Bar Pitti, for a late dinner. Alyson and I have the same sense of humor, so we enjoyed many laughs that night.

Sunday, we got up and packed. We had a couple hours before we needed to roll to the airport, so we sqeezed in a little more shopping and a walk through Central Park. The weather was perfect and the leaves on the trees were beautiful. Exactly what I had had in mind when brainstorming the idea of this trip.


After the walk, we grabbed one last pretzel from the street (they are so freaking good) and booked it to Newark. Of course the flights were pretty much on time going home.  AgNana had watched Rocky while I was gone and so I headed to pick him up as soon as I landed in Dallas. They had gone to College Station for a game over the weekend and so it comes as no surprise that when she opens the door, I see that Rocky had been brainwashed into being a 12th Man…


 P.S. If you’d like to see the rest of my pictures, check out my Picasa.

I’ve got a few things to mention regarding the world of music.  A few albums, artists and songs I think you should check out. 

Album: “Evolver” by John Legend
He’s great.  Everything he touches is perfect.  His first two albums rock.  And his third is definitely no different.  I think my favorite track is “Everyone Knows”.  But, its also worth noting that on “I Love, You Love” he borrows a guitar riff from one of my bands, Dire Straits (“I want my MTV…”).  I was listening to the song for the first time and knew the tune was familiar.  I’m so proud of myself for figuring out where it came from… in probably 5 seconds.  Their song is “Tunnel of Love” and if you listen around the 6 minute mark, you’ll hear it.  Verbatim.  One more thing, if I could have Legend sing “Good Morning” to me everyday as my alarm, there probably wouldn’t be a day where I woke up on “the wrong side of the bed”.  He’s good.

Artist: Jesse Malin
Doug introduced me to this guy because there’s a song in which my man, Bruce Springsteen, appears on.  “Broken Radio”… give it a listen.  Malin also just released a covers record.  “Operator” is my favorite track, perhaps because I love the twist on Jim Croce’s original.  He also covers Paul Simon and a few others.  His voice is very interesting.

Album: “Easy Tiger” by Ryan Adams
This guy is so incredibly versatile and I love it.  This record has been out for a while, but I recently came to appreciate it.  Might take a listen or two, but definitely worth it.  And its a good soundtrack to the Fall.  My favorite tracks are “Two”, “Everybody Knows”, “Rip Off” and “Two Hearts”.  And if you ever find yourself extremely depressed and would like a theme song, “I Taught Myself How To Grow Old” outta do it.

Album: “Summerteeth” by Wilco
This album came out a few years ago, but again I’ve just recently come to appreciate it.  Its also a good listen for this season we call Fall.  Or a lazy day.  Favorite tracks: “A Shot In The Arm”, “Pieholden Suite”, “How To Fight Lonliness” (twin, this was in Girl, Interrupted), “When You Wake Up Feeling Old” and “Summer Teeth”.

Anywho, just some food for thought.  I like my taste in music and think you should, too!

Yesterday was my first NASCAR experience and I knew going into it I’d be in for an interesting day.  I’ve never been a big fan of the sport for two reasons.  One being I didn’t understand how driving around a track hundreds of times could be that exciting to watch.  Its not like a football or basketball game where no game is ever the same.  The second reason I have never developed a taste for racing is because of the paraphernalia.  I’m a fan of simple.  I like simple t-shirts.  Maybe a small graphic on the front using just a handful of colors.  Anything more than that is excess.  In the world of NASCAR, its impossible to find anything resembling simple.  I am convinced there are two rules that govern any clothes produced with the NASCAR trademark on them:

1. A minimum of 27 different colors must be used, and
2. Pictures and graphics must account for 90% of the item.

When looking at someones shirt, it takes me an average of 2.7 minutes to decipher who the racer is that they are supporting.  Perhaps this is because I don’t have everyone’s number memorized.  But now… I know that when I see an “88” that person is going for “Junior” (aka Dale Earnhardt, Jr.).  After we reached the 100th lap yesterday (the race was 344 laps) I had an “ah ha” moment.  The reason NASCAR paraphernalia is so schizophrenic is to make up for the lack of excitement in watching cars go round and round HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of times.  That has to be why.  I mean, everyone that has season tickets to the races has tasteful class, right?

Wrong.  I’m sure there are a few that are the exception (like myself yesterday).  But overall I’d say no.  Here are some of examples from yesterday to prove my point…

Exhibit A: There was a large truck that we were tailgating next to that was blaring rap music the whole time.  That is until they had drained the battery.  A Volkswagen Golf soon pulled up to help them get a charge through jumper cables.  That was a sight to see.  As a thank you to the VW people, the owner of the truck shouted “thank you… you’ve got nice t*tties”.  Ick.

Exhibit B: On the other side of us was another truck (shocker) who had set up a portable restroom.  This was made of a tall skinny tent surrounding a bucket.  As if I had port-o-potty issues before, this surely didn’t clear them up.

Exhibit C: Sitting in front of us during the race was a man and his two sons, who were probably 5 and 7.  All were decked out in NASCAR gear.  T-shirts, hats, headphones, everything.  Not only did the dad blow cigarette smoke into the kids faces the whole time, but he also had them retrieve beers for him out of the cooler.  Really?  The youngest son, again somewhere around age 5, also had highlights in his hair.  Assuming this boy isn’t playing for the other team, do you really think he asked his parents to highlight his hair?  This is sorta like getting a 3 month old girl’s ears pierced.  No offense to anyone whose parents had that done for them. 

The whole experience was fun, based on the fact that we had no traffic and left early.  Otherwise I’d probably have been a little bitter about my Sunday.  It’s not something I ever have to do again, but I would as long as there was tailgating involved.  My thoughts on the whole sport are still the same… the clothing is atrocious and the sport is boring.  I think my face probably looked like this the whole day…

However, the atmosphere definitely made me feel like I was in the 70’s a bit.  And made me wanna watch Urban Cowboy reeeaaaaal bad. 

One more thing… REO Speedwagon was the “opening act”, so now I can say I’ve seen them.  Two birds, one stone.

I had a tough time this year deciding on a costume.  Most years it comes to me naturally (Selena) or it is a last minute revelation (Golddigger).  This year, I went at the suggestions of Mary’s sister and was Juno.  Mary figured this would be easy for me since I own a plethora of striped shirts (Go Stripes!).  The only item I had to buy for this costume was the “baby” aka kickball.  At lunch on Friday I ran to Target to get this item and am pretty sure people thought I was either crazy or trying to steal a bouncy ball because of the number of times I put it in my shirt to see how it looked.  They kept staring at me.  What?  Is it not normal to stick a ball up your shirt to see how you look preggers?  

Chris and Fern had a party at their house last night and it was good times.  There was another Juno there (with a Bleeker).  I think she would have won the award for “Best Juno” had there been one because a) she was really pregnant and b) she actually bought clothes that looked like Juno’s.  However, on the way to their house I happened to pick up a key accessory that turned out to be entertaining.  I stopped at the gas station to get gas and went in to see if they were selling any jugs of Sunny D.  They weren’t.  So, I went to the beer section to find a consolation.  I put myself in the mindset of Juno and figured that if she were a beer drinker, I bet she would be drinking a Miller High Life 40oz.  So, thats just what I got.  The preggo stomach came in handy, too… it was a great place to rest my beer.

Here I am with Clark Kent.  The Superman sign on Steve’s shirt is made out of yellow and red ducktape.  What a crafty guy he is!  And this picture is catching him in a Clark Kent-Superman transition.  I think he practiced.  

Being a fan of the 80’s and Michael J. Fox in general, its no surprise that Teen Wolf was probably my favorite costume of the night.  You gotta go with the flo-jo… 

There was a ton of delicious food and not to mention the jello shots.  Oh how I love thee.  I’ll post more pictures from the night once Fern sends them my way.  I think I could have stayed out there all night sitting by the firepit outside.  It was a perfect night for that.  Oh, also… Jordan Knight was there.  Oh oh ohhhh…

It was a wonderful Halloween.  However, I can tell you my “Juno” didn’t hold a candle to my “Selena”… Biddy biddy bom bom!

FYI… tomorrow is my first NASCAR experience.  Wish me luck and expect an entertaining post when I get back…