I’m not going to lie, its been a very emotional week here at the office.  A friend left, I got moved to a new team, GS announced they will be laying off 10%.  That’s a lot to digest in 24 hours.  I’m glad its Friday and I think I am in need of some wine to unwind from all this hub-bub.

Even though times are changing around here, its nice to know that the humor doesn’t go away.  Two of my bosses have been competing since the summer in a hair growth contest.  My director has chosen the Rogaine method, while my assistant controller has opted for the natural/organic method of taking vitamins.  Once a month they take pictures with their cell phones and compare the hair growth on their “islands of despair” to the prior month’s photo.  Everyone gathers around the computer to judge the progress.  So far, I think Rogaine is winning.

And so, every opportunity we get to make fun of them, we seize.  At lunch today we were sitting next to a gentleman who was pretty much completely bald on top, but with the remaining strands he had left, he chose to spike up.  Since my director was working from home today and missed the lunch, I decided to send him the following email (and I’ll note – its pretty cool to work in an office where you can do this type of thing)…

“It was such a nice surprise to see you at lunch today.  Thanks again for joining us.”















And I received this in return…

“I could not view this on my blackberry… but I knew it would be good, so I had to log in just to see it.  Thanks for thinking of me on my day off.  I thought I would forward this to the rest of the team just to ensure all could partake in the ridicule.  I better sign off now, time for my afternoon Rogaine application.  Have a nice weekend all.”

Pretty funny if I say so myself.  And I think I will have a good weekend, just as soon as the 5 o’clock bell rings.