Just get on the floor and do a New Kid’s dance!!  Ohhhh oh oh oh oh…

That’s right, a group of 26/27 year olds attended the NKOTB concert on Sunday night.  (Yes friends, I realize I was the only 27 year old).  I’m not going to lie, going into it I couldn’t understand why we were spending $90 a piece for our tickets.   But, after being there, seeing the “Kids” and all the crazy fans, I understand.  And I figure… I didn’t get to see them as a kid, so this was my only chance to make up for it.  I did have the sleeping bag, a million pinups of Jordan and the Hangin’ Tough concert VHS.  And Ross and I used to put on Elvis/NKOTB concerts in my backyard growing up.  But, I never got to see them live.  I could go on and on recapping the show, but fortunately Mary has already done so.  My only bit of annoyance with the show was that the AA center was just as full as it was when Bruce came to town.  That’s sick.

Open your eyes, Nana!

We had arranged to have a slumber party at my apartment after the show and everyone would take Monday off… one way or the other.  I choose the sweaty palms, aka Ferris Bueller, method.  I’ve never called in for a “sick” day before and figured I was overdue.  Come to find out, the whole office knew I had gone to New Kids the night before and assumed I drank too much at the show and was just hungover.  Awesome. 

The “sick”, aka mental health, day was totally worth it.  We woke up and went to a late and long breakfast at Dream Cafe, my favorite.  Even Rocky got to come along.  That place reminds me so much of Austin, which is probably why I love it dearly.  It doesn’t hurt that they have a very organic/healthy menu.  And its pet friendly, so the Rock gets a field trip.  Here he is looking very statuesque sitting on Mary’s lap…

After brunch, we did a little shopping and a little working out.  My kind of day.