I just received my birthday gift in the mail from my Mom and Dan.  A new iPod.  80G.  Black.  Yesssssssssssssssssssssss yes yes yes yes yes!

Its true that I have an infatuation with Apple and iPods.  Currently, I own 6 Apple products.  A Macbook, iPhone, 20G iPod, 80G iPod, Nano, and a Shuffle (do the shuffle, do do do de do do do do do…).  Its almost sick.  But, I have a valid explanation for how I acquired them and why I need them.

Macbook –  Does that really need explaining?  Robbers stole my Dell, I saw the light, got a Mac.

iPhone –  Best. Phone. Ever.

20G iPod – I’ve had this guy for 3 years, but currently he’s on life support.  About every other day he crashes, showing the sad iPod face, and the only way I can revive him is to beat the living daylights out of him.  I literally slam him against my desk, punch him in the face, etc.  Is this any way to live?  No, which is what brings me to the…

80G iPod – A necessary replacement to the 20G.  I can now expand my music wings and put EVERYTHING I have on there.  Which is what I’ll be working on this weekend.

Green Nano – It was love at first sight, but he’s not doing so well these days.  He used to be my workout iPod, but a year of sweat has put him on the bench.  He’s currently hooked up to an IV (i.e. my Bose sounddock) and only gets used when I workout in my living room.

Purple Shuffle – My workout buddy.  He’s already been replaced once since he’s still under warranty.  Most likely I sweated on him too much as well.  We all know I sweat a lot while working out.

Anywho, I’m so excited to welcome the 80G to the family!  Its going to be a fun ride.  And speaking of rides… I do NOT have the Apple bumper sticker on my car.  Although I probably should.