So, last night right before bedtime I was walking into my room.  I noticed that Rocky was in the corner and that he seemed to be restrained to just the corner.  Normally, hyperactive boy himself is running from the bed to the hall to the chair to the bed and so on and so forth.  I peered around the corner and asked what he was doing.  Apparently, he had been running around as usual and accidentally ran into the strap of my bra that was hanging to dry on the closet door nob.  It was wrapped around his neck like a neuse.  Whether it was an accident or not, I don’t know.  I always thought he was happy.  I treat him well, buy him food, take him on walks.  To me there was no evidence that he was ready to take his own life.

Now, this next part might border on abuse, but I sat down and just watched him.  It was like that Saturday Night Live skit with Mike Myers where he is a boy, leashed to the play scape and he keeps trying to run away but gets yanked back.  I would call for Rocky and he would try to run towards me but would get pulled back to the closet door that kept opening when he tried to run.  It was entertaining and I laughed.  He did not.  I decided to take some pictures to document the incident.  Poor guy does look a little depressed… (sorry for exposing my bra on the Internet)…


On a positive note, I got a free lunch yesterday at the Kimball in Fort Worth, compliments of mi madre.  She was up with a couple other ladies she works with to tour the museums.  What a tough day at the office!  The soup I had was amazing… lentils, quinoa, ham, rice in a broth.  It was delicious!