Well, maybe not. 

Yesterday, I did about a million and a half dead lifts at the gym, so naturally today my hamstrings and lower back were pretty sore.  For lunch, we braved the rain and went to Potbelly’s for a sandwich and work rant.  The sandwich was delicious.  The rant was inspiring. Once we arrived back at the office, we were getting off the elevator and something came over me.  I was just so excited (not) to be back at the office that I did one of my routine air kicks. 

Tight hammy + air kick = Not a good idea

I think I really pulled something.  Now as I walk around I look like I have a gimp.  I have to shift my right hip forward when I step with that leg, only because I can’t extend it properly.  And so I look goofy.  

So, I’m afraid there will be no more free kicks for the day.  Probably the week, too.  Sorry, sports fans.