Well, last weekend was pretty dang fun.  From the birthday dinner, to a Texas victory to the wedding, there was never a dull moment.  It’s tough to be in the office today, especially when most people I know have today off.  Archon clearly doesn’t give a flip that in 1942 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.  Oh well, I’ve got NYC coming in less than a month.  Point Emily.

Before dinner on Friday night, we got to do a little shopping around at the Domain.  I managed to get two dresses and two shirts for a mere $50 bucks.  Yahtzee!  Dinner was delicious and we all had a great time.  Halle even ate a little sushi.  Well, maybe just the rice.  You can’t see them here, but she did wear her red ruby slippers for her Auntie Em…


Saturday, my Mom and I watched the TX/OUgame.  Dan decided to skip the wedding (which he will probably pay for at Thanksgiving) and go to the game.  I ran about 6 miles on the treadmill watching the first half.  I get so into Texas football while running and this time was no exeption… I nearly fell off the treadmill a couple of times.  The last quarter was quite nerve racking, as we sat watching and thinking, “are they really gonna pull this off”???  And they did!  Point Longhorns.

Mom and I then drove down to San Antonio to meet up with Kelley to go to Sarah and Branden’s wedding.  We stayed at the Hyatt Place… a nice new hotel that’s extremely reasonable.  There was a 42″ flat screen in the room.  What what?  The wedding was outside at the Witte Museum.  Then we went inside for the dinner and the reception.  I dang near broke my perfect record of not crying at weddings.  Sarah and Branden wrote their own vows and I don’t know if it was the fact that I’ve known Sarah since I was like 6 or what, but the eyes definitely watered and I had chills all over.  No tears managed to stream down my cheek, but it sure was close.  I don’t think I’ve known anyone who has a bigger heart or exemplifies love in everything they do quite like Sarah.  It was so fun to see them celebrate their love and of course see Sue and Sarah manage to still stress out over all the details of the wedding.  We wouldn’t have had it any other way!  Everyone had a great time and the cake was delicious… as was the mashed potato bar! I love when people are original at weddings and incorporate their favorite things.  Like Christen’s chili dog bar at the end of their reception.  I guess the good thing about going to a bazillion weddings is I can get ideas for myself.  And I should have a lot racked up by 2020 when I get married.  Point Emily.

Once the ceremony was over, the night only got more interesting.  I think I might need a new blog post to summarize all that jazz.  Stay tuned for pics from the wedding.  I’m waiting on Kelley to send them my way.