I’ve been meaning to sum up the birthweek (because celebrating wasn’t contained to just one day.. ie my birthday was on a Tuesday, my least favorite day of the week*) but this week has been busy and I’ve yet to receive any photos from last weekend (ahem).  This year, the gathering of friends birthday celebration was a bit different than years past.  There was no karaoke, no singing on stage with a band, no Cher… things were definitely a bit tamer.  However, I think I managed to last longer that night than the few years prior.  Meaning, my arm never rested unknowingly in a puddle of spilt beer and I never attempted to lean back on a large speaker that wasn’t there.  Therefore, there was no evidence to signal to my friends that it was time. to. go. home.  Is this a victory?  I’m not sure.

We had a wonderful dinner at Cafe Madrid.  Darn near perfect attendance, too!  I got to enjoy tapas, wine, multiple Elvis bags, a food magazine subscription, an Olive Garden gift card, a book about going #2, a succulent butt cake and some baked goods.  What more could you ask for??  After dinner we skipped over to a nearby joint for a drink.  But, that was all she wrote.  And I only suffered a minor headache the next day. 

Tuesday, the actual day, was filled with birthday phone calls, texts, Facebook messages and emails.  Got a free La Madeline lunch compliments of the boss.  Also got a free Happy Hour at Republic compliments of Smalls.  I got home to watch the debate, but my semi-buzzed state was having none of that.  I just couldn’t get into it.  Instead I found that The Graduate was on, and happily settled in on that.  Love, love, love that movie AND the music… “hello darkness, my old friend…”.  Nothing beats a little S&G, especially in the Fall. 

The beat continues to go on tonight as I am heading to A-town to celebrate with the family.  Sushi and a brownie sundae at Kona Grill (yes, please!).  Maybe a glass of wine as well.  After tonight, my “Welcome to 27” howdy week is officially over.  But, there will be one more reason to Mazel Tov this weekend… Sarah and Branden are getting hitched.  And that will be a fun occasion, let me tell you.  Although… last time I went to San Antonio for a wedding I came back to an unpleasant surprise and a very empty apartment.  Good thing Dan and Rocky are holding down the fort this weekend, cause…

This is my house.  I have to defend it.

*Tuesday is the least exciting day of the week in my opinion.  Most would argue that Monday is the roughest, but in my opinion Monday isn’t too bad.  Everyone has a case of the Mondies, so you sorta have an excuse for not working too hard.  Plus you’re still reeling off the weekend.  Tuesday, however, has no excuse for slacking off.  And the realization that you still have 3 days left in the work week is a bit intimidating.