Tonight we are going out to celebrate my upcoming birthday.  The last few birthdays have turned into a karaoke extravaganza.  With some entertaining stories, might I add.  Now that Cher has retired, I’m not sure what will happen after dinner.  Which is at Cafe Madrid.  Tapas and wine.  Its pretty much the only thing getting me through this loooooooooooong day at work.  I was pretty depressed when the Olive Garden said they were completely book until 2010, but after a couple weeks I’ve made peace with it. 

Here’s few snapshots of my favorite bday moments over the last couple years…

The Graphic Tea Party
…would not have been complete without the Roses dance

or my Save Sundance Square campaign…

Uptown Bar Karaoke

…and the best rendition of “Hard Candy Christmas

…and the candy cigarettes, compliments of MJ.  Who knew Suz was a chain smoker?

a classic reaction… most likely either after when I fell or said into the mic, “I run 6 miles a day and can’t keep up with this $hit” after failing miserably to keep up with “Rapper’s Delight”

Karaoke with Cher

Jello shots in the parking lot are the best pre-karaoke snack…

THUNDER BOLTS AND LIGHTENING, VERY VERY FRIGHTENING…the best karaoke performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” ever.

We’ll see what tonight brings…