It was a pretty good weekend in the neighborhood.  Got to watch the Sex and the City movie.  Went for a 6 mile run.  Drove out to Keller for a housewarming party.  Ate pizza and had an obscene amount of baked goods and candy corn.  Had many laughs with friends.  Went for a spin around White Rock on a beautiful morning.  Got my iPod shuffle repaired (ie handed a new one – booya Apple!).  Downloaded the new NKOTB album.  Cooked up a delightful new dish (compliments of Mary).  And watch Desperate Housewives.  And saved Brothers and Sisters for tonight. 

All the while, I was babysitting Amy’s sister’s dog, Tucker, for the weekend.  Tuck is a pretty chill old guy and makes Rocky look like a schizo.  Which I guess I already knew that.  When I got home Friday and walked in the door with Mr. T, Rocky had triple the excitement that he normally has when I get home from work.  The boy was jumping all over Tucker and somehow did two back flips.  I think they were accidental, the result of being too excited and jumping up and somehow flipping backwards.  I laughed.

The two are definitely BFF.  I enjoyed having Mr. T around just to give Rocky someone to bounce all his energy off of.  And I only saw two cherry chapsticks all weekend, which was only mildly disturbing, but I consider it a victory.  I’m fairly confident my dog is a little on the brokeback side… if you know what I mean.

(This is what treat time looked like… they both are pros at sitting)