… for inventing Post It’s.  I don’t know what it is, but I have a serious obsession with writing anything and everything down on these little guys.  It all started at Handango when I used to keep track of account numbers and product ID’s that I would use for my beloved Featured Products.  Smalls used to make fun of me for them, but its no question I was the best intern she’ll ever have.  I think when I quit my job there, I had an estimated 50+ Post It’s? 

So, it comes as no surprise that my desk here at Archon is usually filled with stacks of Post It’s.  I’ve got the standard yellow ones, but also fancy blue ones.  Yesterday, as I began hitting a wall similar to the one I hit at about mile 22 of my marathon, I decided to take a break and be delirious.   This included counting the number of Post It’s I had on my desk and in my drawer (the ones on the desk are recent additions, the ones in the drawer are ones I can’t part with each time I “Spring Clean” my Post It’s stack), as well as arrange them into my initials.  The grand tally is………..


44 on the dot.  You’d think I should join Post It’s Anonymous or something.