I’m having to draw upon the advice and wisdom of a Hallmark card I purchased three years ago in DC in order to keep my cool today. 

My sister was about to have back surgery and I needed to send a “get well soon” card.  Christen, Jamila and I were on the way back to the Westin from having dinner somewhere, when I made us stop at CVS for 5 minutes so I could pick up a card.  I’m not one for getting traditional cards, i.e. a “way to go” or “congrats” for someone who just graduated.  I prefer one a little off the beaten path.  One that might not fit directly, but works.  Sometimes its because I can’t find one that fits perfectly, so I opt out and get one that will be funny.  Because its different.  Recently, Suz and Jay got engaged.  It was taking me way too long to find a card that said “congratulations on your engagement” or “you’re engaged – yay!”.  Possibly because they don’t make them.  I went with a Mazel Tov card instead.  It got the point across that I was happy and excited for this big moment in their lives.  It worked.  And it got a laugh.  Two points.

Back to DC.  It’s possible I had had a glass of wine or two at dinner, or maybe I was just high on life, because I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard as I did at the CVS when I found the “perfect” card for Crystal.  I gave up looking for a traditional card, so I moved into the Mahogany section.  And lo and behold, I found a winner.  I don’t have it memorized, but it went something like this…

“When life is not fair,
Things aren’t going your way,
No one seems to understand,
You just don’t know what to do…

And not like some storybook character,
And you show them who you are,
You don’t let them keep you down.

It went on and on and you get the point.  Its possible I was about to pee my pants from hearing C and J do their own interpretational readings of the card.  Whatever the case, the card rocked and I know Crystal laughed her booty off at it.  She also rose above that back surgery.  And not like a storybook character.  Whatever that means.

So today, a coworker is venting about her problems.  We are all busy, work is not that much fun.  I get it.  I’m right there with you sister.  In fact, I’ve got more reason to complain than you do.  I’m working on 2 big funds.  You are on 1 big one and one little one.  There are 3 people on my team.  You’ve got 4 people on your team.  She told me “you’ll get your turn”.  What turn am I waiting for?  Yours?  The easy one?  That comment frustrated me. 

But its ok.  I’m rising.