Today marks the first day our office has been business casual in over a month and a half.  We have been wearing jeans for that long now.  It literally felt like Christmas in July when the Director announced “Jeans til Labor Day”!  Everyone cheered and smiles ran ear to ear when we heard the news.  I’m pretty sure I threw in a few kicks for good measure.  Happiness was all around.

But, today… the war’s over, man.  Wormer dropped the big one.  We are back to business casual.

I’m a pretty lucky person in that I don’t have any major allergies.  I do get the occassional cough or cold, but when I do, I just cherish it as an excuse to suck on cherry throat losenges.  The good kind that taste like candy.  There is one allergy that I have developed over the last 3+ years.  I like to call it the ‘Work Clothes on Monday’ allergic reaction.  I’ve experienced it many a Monday morning at EY and Archon.  I think its caused by being able to wear your clothing of choice (t-shirts and shorts for me) all weekend and then not only having to wake up early, but also put on lined pants and sweaters?  No, thank you!  It’s bad enough that the weekend is over, but having to dress up, too?  Gah. 

The main sympton is that it causes is a bad mood.  Sometimes there’s sweating.  But, that can also be caused by having insufficient time to cool down after running.  Which is what contributed to my allergic reaction this morning.  And today’s reaction was bad.  Combine the being hot with not having had to dress up in 1.5 months?  Its a wonder I survived.  And showed up to work.   

But, I did.  And I am here.  And let me just say… I am ready to go home.