Start spreading the news… Emily has a new bike.  Impulse buy?  No.  Well, not entirely.  I was in and out of the store within 30-45 minutes and I did drop a fair amount of change.  At the recommendation of Suzanna (who will be riding 100 miles around New York tomorrow), I decided to stop at Wheels In Motion today to look at new bikes.  I’m pretty sure my mountain bike is 10+ years old and is getting kinda crotchety, so I’m due for a new bike.  Especially now that I am getting more and more into riding.  

I walked into the store not really having a clue of what I wanted/needed and within 5 minutes they had talked me into 3 bikes that would fit me well.  I got to take each out for a spin in the parking lot, and it was super easy to pick my bike.  I went with the Cannondale Quick 5.  Its a fitness bike, which means its a hybrid of a road and mountain bike, its light and super fast.  Not to mention, beautiful.  When I am in the market for something expensive, I’m normally pretty good at developing a gut feeling for making the right decision.  And I did just that with this bike.  It was love at first ride.  

Before I knew it, the bike was tuned up and ready to go home with me.  Tomorrow, we’ll go out for a lap at White Rock.  I hope I can sleep tonight.  Happy Birthday EM-O-LY!