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It was a pretty good weekend in the neighborhood.  Got to watch the Sex and the City movie.  Went for a 6 mile run.  Drove out to Keller for a housewarming party.  Ate pizza and had an obscene amount of baked goods and candy corn.  Had many laughs with friends.  Went for a spin around White Rock on a beautiful morning.  Got my iPod shuffle repaired (ie handed a new one – booya Apple!).  Downloaded the new NKOTB album.  Cooked up a delightful new dish (compliments of Mary).  And watch Desperate Housewives.  And saved Brothers and Sisters for tonight. 

All the while, I was babysitting Amy’s sister’s dog, Tucker, for the weekend.  Tuck is a pretty chill old guy and makes Rocky look like a schizo.  Which I guess I already knew that.  When I got home Friday and walked in the door with Mr. T, Rocky had triple the excitement that he normally has when I get home from work.  The boy was jumping all over Tucker and somehow did two back flips.  I think they were accidental, the result of being too excited and jumping up and somehow flipping backwards.  I laughed.

The two are definitely BFF.  I enjoyed having Mr. T around just to give Rocky someone to bounce all his energy off of.  And I only saw two cherry chapsticks all weekend, which was only mildly disturbing, but I consider it a victory.  I’m fairly confident my dog is a little on the brokeback side… if you know what I mean.

(This is what treat time looked like… they both are pros at sitting)


Suz sent over this website today where you can upload a picture of yourself and it will show you what your high school yearbook picture might have looked like through the years.  Here’s four of my favorites.  I see some celebrity resemblances… don’t you?

1. 1976 – Donna Summer?                      2. 1984 -Belinda Carlisle?


3. 1986 – Michael Jackson?                       4. 1994 – DJ Tanner?


… for inventing Post It’s.  I don’t know what it is, but I have a serious obsession with writing anything and everything down on these little guys.  It all started at Handango when I used to keep track of account numbers and product ID’s that I would use for my beloved Featured Products.  Smalls used to make fun of me for them, but its no question I was the best intern she’ll ever have.  I think when I quit my job there, I had an estimated 50+ Post It’s? 

So, it comes as no surprise that my desk here at Archon is usually filled with stacks of Post It’s.  I’ve got the standard yellow ones, but also fancy blue ones.  Yesterday, as I began hitting a wall similar to the one I hit at about mile 22 of my marathon, I decided to take a break and be delirious.   This included counting the number of Post It’s I had on my desk and in my drawer (the ones on the desk are recent additions, the ones in the drawer are ones I can’t part with each time I “Spring Clean” my Post It’s stack), as well as arrange them into my initials.  The grand tally is………..


44 on the dot.  You’d think I should join Post It’s Anonymous or something.

I was informed by Maria today that my blog needs updating.  I guess the days of me writing everyday have flown out the window.  You’d think with my controller being gone this week things would have been a bit calmer on the work front.  But, oh contrare my friends, they’ve haven’t. 

I think I can muster up a few stories from the week, which I’ll share in bullet point style.  Because its my blog and I’ll cry if I want to.

*Recently I’ve been reading up on a dieting/lifestyle approach called Intermittent Fasting.  Sounds old school, doesn’t it?  Its the practice of fasting 2-3 days a week.  You can do a 14-24 hour fast.  I’m not sure I could handle a 24 hours of not eating, but I’ve knocked out a couple of 14’s and 16’s this week.  And I’m still standing.  Its not as hard or bad as it sounds.  For example, I’ll finish up dinner on a Tuesday night at 8:30 and then I won’t eat again until lunch time the next day.  It’s an approach that goes back to the way humans used to eat many many moons ago.  The hunter and gatherer lifestyle.  Since breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, its hard for me to want to skip it everyday, but a couple times a week?  Not a problem.  It’s amazing how you can survive and still have mental clarity without eating for a few hours.  Read up on it if you are interested… there are lots of other health benefits but I don’t feel like delving into them right now.

*Its just about that time for TV season premiere’s.  I’ve got a pretty busy schedule this Fall:
Monday – How I Met Your Mother/The Hills
Tuesday – Biggest Loser/90210
Wednesday – Nothing comes to mind
Thursday – Grey’s/The Office
Friday – Swingtown?
Saturday – Nothing comes to mind
Sunday – Desperate Housewives/Brother’s & Sisters

*I’ve really got to stop using the word a-hole.  Its becoming a regular part of my vocab, which is fine when I know when and where its appropriate to use it (i.e. with myself or other a-holes).  Yesterday I was arriving home from work after spending 50 minutes in traffic,  and when I was pulling into my garage I had to stop because there was a line of cars waiting to get out of the garage and it was blocking me from getting to the gate.  I came to a complete stop and looked back to see that the car in front of the line was pulling out onto the street, but the car behind it wasn’t moving up to take its place because the driver was oblivious on his cell phone.  In an annoyance I loudly stated, “scoot up, a-hole!”.  Only to realize after I’d uttered the words that not only were my windows down, but so were the windows of the person I was yelling at.  Along with the car behind it.  Who was about 5 feet from me.  Nice job, a-hole.

I guess thats all I got for right now.  A little randomness for you.  But, hey its better than nothing.

I’ve been watching the news coverage this morning on Hurricane Ike.  I’m intrigued to see how bad the damages were last night and to see how they are gonna effect the Dallas area.  The news station here keeps showing coverage from the Corpus Christi news channels, among other cities like Houston.  Of all the hotels, motels and Holiday Inn’s they could have been showing pictures of today, to illustrate the damage from last night, guess which one they have been showing?  My beloved Sea Shell Inn.  

This place will always hold a special place in my heart.  When I was a kid, I made various trips to the SSI with my Mom, Dan, Grandma, and Ross.  There’s nothing glitzy about this place and its not very big, but it did have one pretty cool feature.  It had twin beds that slid in and out of a partial “wall” that separated the main bedroom area from the kitchen/dining area.  So, as a kid I not only had my own bed, but I also sort of had my own room.  And my bed rolled!  Granted, today I’d probably prefer a Heavenly Bed at the Westin, but back then… nothing could beat the bed at the SSI.

So, today as I watch the coverage and am seeing my favorite Corpus Christi hotel partially submerged in water, I can’t help but get a little choked up.  I don’t think the water is higher than the first level, since the place is on stilts, but you can’t see the pool at all.  I’m trying to stay positive that the damage is minimal.  Here are some pictures from a trip to the SSI from back in the day.  You can see how happy this bed made me.  Please also note that however much my haircut looks like a mullet in the pool picture, I assure you I did not have one.


I’m having to draw upon the advice and wisdom of a Hallmark card I purchased three years ago in DC in order to keep my cool today. 

My sister was about to have back surgery and I needed to send a “get well soon” card.  Christen, Jamila and I were on the way back to the Westin from having dinner somewhere, when I made us stop at CVS for 5 minutes so I could pick up a card.  I’m not one for getting traditional cards, i.e. a “way to go” or “congrats” for someone who just graduated.  I prefer one a little off the beaten path.  One that might not fit directly, but works.  Sometimes its because I can’t find one that fits perfectly, so I opt out and get one that will be funny.  Because its different.  Recently, Suz and Jay got engaged.  It was taking me way too long to find a card that said “congratulations on your engagement” or “you’re engaged – yay!”.  Possibly because they don’t make them.  I went with a Mazel Tov card instead.  It got the point across that I was happy and excited for this big moment in their lives.  It worked.  And it got a laugh.  Two points.

Back to DC.  It’s possible I had had a glass of wine or two at dinner, or maybe I was just high on life, because I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard as I did at the CVS when I found the “perfect” card for Crystal.  I gave up looking for a traditional card, so I moved into the Mahogany section.  And lo and behold, I found a winner.  I don’t have it memorized, but it went something like this…

“When life is not fair,
Things aren’t going your way,
No one seems to understand,
You just don’t know what to do…

And not like some storybook character,
And you show them who you are,
You don’t let them keep you down.

It went on and on and you get the point.  Its possible I was about to pee my pants from hearing C and J do their own interpretational readings of the card.  Whatever the case, the card rocked and I know Crystal laughed her booty off at it.  She also rose above that back surgery.  And not like a storybook character.  Whatever that means.

So today, a coworker is venting about her problems.  We are all busy, work is not that much fun.  I get it.  I’m right there with you sister.  In fact, I’ve got more reason to complain than you do.  I’m working on 2 big funds.  You are on 1 big one and one little one.  There are 3 people on my team.  You’ve got 4 people on your team.  She told me “you’ll get your turn”.  What turn am I waiting for?  Yours?  The easy one?  That comment frustrated me. 

But its ok.  I’m rising.

Tonight Suzanna and I had a dinner date.  She came over to my apartment beforehand to check out my new bike and also say hi to the little burrito.  After we discussed my new ride for a few minutes, her phone rang.  She answered and began chatting. My ADD then kicked in and I began perusing around the kitchen.  I started investigating all the things on the top of my counter and began to look at her keys.  I then noticed an unfamiliar turquoise box thingy sitting next to them.  My first thought was that she was carrying around a special box that she could house her engagement ring in case she needed to take it off for a minute and that way it wouldn’t get hurt.  So, I picked it up and opened it and a round piece came out, and I could see it had a handwritten note on it, which, coincidentally, had my name on it.  I then thought that it was a roll of measuring tape she was giving me as a joke… since I always seem to need one when I’m around her.  I think I also managed to have stolen hers indefinitely.  My eyes then skimmed the note and saw the word “bridesmaid” at the end.  Finally, it dawned on me and I rushed to slide the round piece back into the box.  Its about this moment that she realizes what I’ve stumbled upon and starts laughing.  I start cracking up, too, because I’ve just ruined her little surprise.  What a tool!  At any rate… she eventually got off the phone, we exchanged hugs and girly giddiness and I gladly accepted.  As if I wouldn’t have!  I am so excited!!  

Amy has asked me on the last two bike rides at White Rock if I’ve been asked to be in the wedding yet.  I have shyly said “I’m not sure yet, it might just be family only” in order to conceal my rejection in case I didn’t make the cut.  But, I made the cut!  Time to spread the good word.

For those who are wondering… it’s not measuring tape.  Its a clock!  And this will be my 4th wedding in just a little over a year.  Thats right people, 4 down, 23 to go…

Today marks the first day our office has been business casual in over a month and a half.  We have been wearing jeans for that long now.  It literally felt like Christmas in July when the Director announced “Jeans til Labor Day”!  Everyone cheered and smiles ran ear to ear when we heard the news.  I’m pretty sure I threw in a few kicks for good measure.  Happiness was all around.

But, today… the war’s over, man.  Wormer dropped the big one.  We are back to business casual.

I’m a pretty lucky person in that I don’t have any major allergies.  I do get the occassional cough or cold, but when I do, I just cherish it as an excuse to suck on cherry throat losenges.  The good kind that taste like candy.  There is one allergy that I have developed over the last 3+ years.  I like to call it the ‘Work Clothes on Monday’ allergic reaction.  I’ve experienced it many a Monday morning at EY and Archon.  I think its caused by being able to wear your clothing of choice (t-shirts and shorts for me) all weekend and then not only having to wake up early, but also put on lined pants and sweaters?  No, thank you!  It’s bad enough that the weekend is over, but having to dress up, too?  Gah. 

The main sympton is that it causes is a bad mood.  Sometimes there’s sweating.  But, that can also be caused by having insufficient time to cool down after running.  Which is what contributed to my allergic reaction this morning.  And today’s reaction was bad.  Combine the being hot with not having had to dress up in 1.5 months?  Its a wonder I survived.  And showed up to work.   

But, I did.  And I am here.  And let me just say… I am ready to go home.

Nothing beats a meal at Luby’s.  Not only is the food delicious, but it reminds you of being a kid.  For me at least… we used to go all the time.  In fact, when I was a kid and would be playing at my BFF Ross’ house and it was time to eat dinner, one of the only ways my Mom would be able to lure me aware from Ross would be with the bait of Luby’s macaroni and cheese.  It doesn’t get any better than their mac & cheese on a good day.  It can’t be beat.  

Today after church, the Sandersons and I trekked over to Luby’s for some lunch.  Mmmm, good.  Carrot salad, liver and onions, broccoli (to be healthy, you know) and a wheat roll.  Perry asked me how old I was because by looking at my plate you might think I had 60 more years under my belt.  Don’t knock my choices until you try them, people.  As we were leaving Luby’s, we saw a Smart Car that had a club on the steering wheel.  Yes, a club.  

 After that we went home and Amy and I took respective naps before waking up to head to White Rock.  We took my new bike for its maiden voyage.  And was it nice.  Not only was the ride smooth, we chose the right time to go out there.  The sun was going down, so the sunset was beautiful.  And since it was getting dark, the weather was cooler.  We’ve now cut our lap down to 53 minutes… pretty soon we are gonna have to go for two laps.  

I got home about 8 and was famished so I ate a steak and some squash.  It was perfection.  I’m on a squash kick.  Spaghetti or Butternut.  I highly recommend them for Fall.  Oh, and the steak… it was so rare that it took forever to chew each piece.  What a good Sunday.

Start spreading the news… Emily has a new bike.  Impulse buy?  No.  Well, not entirely.  I was in and out of the store within 30-45 minutes and I did drop a fair amount of change.  At the recommendation of Suzanna (who will be riding 100 miles around New York tomorrow), I decided to stop at Wheels In Motion today to look at new bikes.  I’m pretty sure my mountain bike is 10+ years old and is getting kinda crotchety, so I’m due for a new bike.  Especially now that I am getting more and more into riding.  

I walked into the store not really having a clue of what I wanted/needed and within 5 minutes they had talked me into 3 bikes that would fit me well.  I got to take each out for a spin in the parking lot, and it was super easy to pick my bike.  I went with the Cannondale Quick 5.  Its a fitness bike, which means its a hybrid of a road and mountain bike, its light and super fast.  Not to mention, beautiful.  When I am in the market for something expensive, I’m normally pretty good at developing a gut feeling for making the right decision.  And I did just that with this bike.  It was love at first ride.  

Before I knew it, the bike was tuned up and ready to go home with me.  Tomorrow, we’ll go out for a lap at White Rock.  I hope I can sleep tonight.  Happy Birthday EM-O-LY!