Jamila, my dear friend from EY, flew into Dallas today for the weekend and she, along with Jen, met me for lunch at Jason’s Deli.  I haven’t seen Jamila since I left the firm a year and a half ago, but you know we picked up right where we left off.  I love friendships like that.  No matter how much time goes between seeing or talking to each other, when you do get together absolutely nothing has changed.

We started catching up quickly and she was informing me about some changes that have taken place recently at the firm.  One of them being that the limit for expensing dinners is now 20-25 bucks.  There used to not be a limit.  So, in shock I commented to her, “gosh, that’s like eating at Chili’s”.  And her classic Jamila response, “now, do I look like Chili’s to you?”  No, you sure don’t.  This girl has women at MAC makeup counters who remember her and apparently remember her skin tone and bone structure.  She tells me today I should always have a makeup artist who knows my face.  My bone structure.  I think I laughed for about 10 minutes at her Chili’s comment.  In fact, I am still giggling about it right now.   

Its never a complete Jamila experience unless I pick up a few new words or phrases to add to my vocabulary.  Prior expressions have included “step to me” (ask me out on a date), “knock you off your square” (throw you for a loop), “don’t act brand new” (don’t be shy).  She often tells me that the world is “not ready” for me.  That they can’t handle me.  Today I learned “hoodwinked”, “they got you” and “bamboozled”.  Which apparently all mean the same thing.  Here is an example.  Recall that blog I had a while back about getting sucked into personal training?  Well, they were asking me today about it and why I of all people got a personal trainer.  I gave them the story of how I wasn’t gonna sign up but after an hour of listening to the trainer beat me down with prices and packages and after another 30 minutes of listening to him and his boss tag team me, I finally caved.  According to Jamila, they hoodwinked me.  They got me.  I got bamboozled.  

I can’t say I have taught her that much.  When I was a kid, there was a phrase my Mom used to use in the car when she was frustrated with traffic.  “Jesus Jackson!”.  I used it once on Jamila and Jen when I was frustrated about something and they about lost it.  

A couple of years ago a lady at the gym once commented to me that I have “Tina Turner” legs.  I guess this means they are muscular?  Well, its a common joke between us that I take pictures showing off my legs.  We took a picture today and even though I’ve got jeans on, you can imagine there are “Tina Turner” legs underneath them.