Today was a long day.  I rose early and got to business.  I gave the Rock a bath, took my car to the dealership and dropped it off for an oil change, ran home, worked out some more, cleaned my kitchen and bathroom top to bottom, inside and out.  And then I vacuumed for a long time.  I also went off on the dealership guy because he tried to tell me I had $500 dollars worth of stuff I might want to get fixed.  Pretty sure I just spent $1,200 in February for all sorts of repairs and services.  I think I will wait until next year and pay for it.  I am not gonna take my car in there every time and have them tell me I need to give up my first born in order to fix something.  Sorry, money does not grow on trees.  Lets just hope the Passat doesn’t break down on me tomorrow.

After all the hubbub that was today, come this evening I was ready to relax.  A bath, bottle of wine, and cooking dinner does amazing things for the soul.  My goal was to watch a movie but just as I popped it in, the HDMI cable started freaking out a bit.  So, a DVD was not in the works.  Luckily, I found that I still have The Goodbye Girl saved on my TiVo.  Phew.

I feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  Well, I’ll hopefully feel more of the latter tomorrow so I can be geared up for church and bike riding.  Hopefully a little REI sale shopping as well.  

Oh, I’ll also recommend seeing Vicky Christina Barcelona…its good in a Woody Allen dry humor kind of way. It’s much easier than I thought it would be to see Javier Bardem in an attractive way after watching him in No Country For Old Men.  Penelope Cruz is also pretty funny.  Good movie.  Good evening.