I think I’ve finally started living a relatively drama free life in the last year or so.  Of course there is the occasional hiccup, but the melodramatic sagas are dunzo for the time being.  Which is possibly a reason I have become so immersed in the world of The Hills.  Last night was the season premiere, and I must say, it was exciting.  Who doesn’t want to get wrapped up in real drama that isn’t their own?  There’s the friend who gets in trouble for trying to be too good of a friend, the friend who blows that friend off for a boyfriend that is quite possibly the biggest jerk ever, and also there are two friends who are only friends through another friend who can’t get along because they can’t both have the main friends attention 24/7.  Who doesn’t want that in their life??????????  For me, its sorta like the laughing gas I get at the dentist.  While I’m hooked up to it I feel a really good buzz, but the second she takes it away I am back to normal.  No hangover.  No real drama.

My reality TV show watching start many years ago with the first couple Real Worlds.  I liked NYC, San Fran (RIP Pedro), and Las Vegas best.  I dabbled a bit in Miami, Hawaii, Chicago and Philly.  My most all time favorite moment was in Las Vegas when Irulan and Alton got into an all out fight.  I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life.  Twin, I know you’d agree.

Once I grew out of the RW, I turned to Laguna Beach.  My Saturday’s would be entertained by the rerun marathons they aired.  And Monday nights took on a whole new meaning because that’s the night the new shows aired.  The drama between LC, Steven and Kristin was OOC!  So, of course it comes as no surprise that I just had to follow LC to LA and get immersed in The Hills.  There is drama on that show unlike any drama we saw on Laguna Beach.  And its awesome.  Friendships began.  A sex tape leaked.  Friendships ended.   I mean, it has it all.

And I have been able to experience all this from the comforts of my couch, drama free.  Pure bliss.