Clearly it doesn’t take a day like today for me to think of the King. For those unaware, it’s the 31st anniversary of his death. I think about Elvis on a daily basis. Although I never got to meet him, I still feel like I knew him. Maybe it’s because I’ve been to Graceland 12 times. Or that from the time I was 6 I’ve listened to his music. Maybe it’s because I had an Elvis impersonator at my 7th birthday. Or that I’ve watched the crap out of his 33 movies I taped on VHS growing up. Yes, he did have 33 movies. Whatever it may be, it’s a fact he’s been a large part of my life.

So, it’s today that I reflect on his life and everything he accomplished. This could include eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich. They are delicious. I invite you to try one. It’s really easy to pay your respects to him today… just turn on the radio or TV and you’re surely to find him.

I decided to start a blog routine for this day and his birthday. I’ll come up with a new Top 10 Things Elvis each time. So, drumroll, please, for the first one………..

Top 10 Reasons I Love Visiting Graceland:
10. The 30 second bus drive we take from the ticket office across the street to the mansion while hearing “Welcome to My World” sung by Elvis on our headsets
9. The 22ft. long sofa in the living room
8. The secret window upstairs that if you peak your neck up the stairwell you can see. It leads to Elvis’ bedroom where he could always spy on who was coming up to see him
7. The stairwell to the basement that’s covered in mirrors on the sides and ceiling.
6. The “Takin’ Care of Business” room it’s it’s 3 TVs side by side, so he could watch multiple football games and the news at one time.
5. The Jungle Room and it’s contents which were purchased during a 30 minute shopping spree in Hawaii during the 70’s. And the inside waterfall.
4. The Raquetball building which has now been converted to a shrine for all of his fabulous jumpsuits. This is also where he sat down and played two songs at the piano for the last time the day that he died.
3. The Meditation Garden and being able to pay my respects to the King since he’s buried in the back yard.
2. Visiting between the day after Thanksgiving and Elvis’ birthday and getting to see all of the Christmas lights and decorations. It’s magical.
1. And last but not least, the hours of tacky souvenier shopping that await once the tour is complete.

Thank ya, thank ya very much.