This morning I went to my usual Spin class at Bally’s.  It starts at 6am and while that requires me to get up at 5:30 in order to get ready and let the Rock out, I like it because I still have time to come back to the casa and have my breakfast and dilly dally for a while before going to work.  I like my mornings that way.  Lately, we’ve have a sub instructor because the main instructor, Joe, has been out recovering from a stroke.  The new guys is more than I can handle that early in the morning.  Or ever.  He’s a tall, slender version of Richard Simmons who has the amount of energy one would have after stopping at Starbucks and being injected with an venti IV of espresso followed by 12 orange mocha frappachino’s.  He could easily have been in the gas station scene in Zoolander.  And for those that haven’t heard me describe the majority population at Bally’s, well I think he plays for the other team. 

His music selection this morning included “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”, during which he started riding his stationary bike like a horse, making the air calf roping gestures.  THIS IS AT 6 AM!!  I have to sit in the back in order to be distanced from this as much as I can.  I go to the class because its early, I need motivation getting up early to work out and having people there helps, and I am trying to branch out on my workout regime.  I don’t want to hear little jokes that insight into his lifestyle (not that I have a problem with his lifestyle, whatever floats your boat), and I most definitely don’t want to have to “partner up” with another stranger in the class so we can take turns where one person goes at full speed while the other person cheers them on.  If I got out of bed at 5:30 to workout, I am pretty sure I can push myself without someone else faking excitement at how fast I’m going!

The highlight to this morning, yes I promise there was one, was that Joe stopped by to say hi.  He is the reason I started going to the spin class in the first place.  He’s laid back, he leaves the lights off while we workout, he barely talks and he plays good music.  I was really sad when they said he had a stroke about a month or two ago (I think it was pretty minor).  But, he was there this morning and he will be back next week for good!  The new guy is dunzo.