I decided to treat myself to a pair of Tom’s Shoes today. Suz introduced me to these guys back in March, but I hadn’t been able to decide on a color/design. Until today. Miraculously, I was able to be decisive and make a decision. I realized that I should pick a neutral colored pair that I (in all of my fashionably challenged glory) could work into an outfit. I think the color will go with lots of things and really well with jeans. Score.

Not only did I just get a pair of new shoes, but so did a child in need. Because every pair of Toms you buy, then give another pair to a kid who needs them for free.

This reminds me of when I sponsored a child back when I was a child. I used to watch TV a lot as a kid and would always get a warm fuzzy feeling inside when those commercials came on.. “even YOU can sponsor a child by giving only $15 a month”. Then they would display pictures of poverty stricken children. And here I was eating bon bon’s watching TV all day long. At the time I was raking in $15 a week for my allowance (hey – I washed the windows, cleaned my room before the maid came and took the trash/recycling out). Being the little accountant that I was destined to be, I figured I could give up 1/4 of my allowance and still be ok. After all it could feed a child for an entire month. I don’t know if they were feeding these kids ramen noodles or just plain dirt, but at least I was doing my part. About twice a year they would send me a picture of my child and sometimes a little drawing they had done for me. It was touching. I used to keep them tacked up on my bulletin board with my other pictures of Elvis and NKOTB. Friends would come over to hang out and always inquire about this little foreign boy I had a picture of. I felt proud when I told them it was a child I was sponsoring.

Now that I think back on it, I spent a lot of money on this kid. My guess is I sponsored him for at least 4 years. 48 months times 15 equals… yeah, lets not talk about it. I’m just hoping it wasn’t a fraud. The artwork did look genuine.