A few tidbits from lunch today with Mary and MJ:

-Upon sitting down to eat lunch at Baker Bros, I begin to make conversation:

    Me: “So, I guess Suz couldn’t make it?”

    Mary: (sarcastically) “Oh, you mean you didn’t see her sitting right next to you?”

What a jerk!  MJ was about to give me an honest answer about why Suz couldn’t join us and Mary doesn’t skip a beat in giving me what I set myself up for.

-We begin discussing people we know who are pregnant.  Mary, in all seriousness, states: “I think this afternoon I am going to go home and make a tally of all the pregnant women in Hollywood who are having twins.  Who on Earth has time to make a tally of all the pregnant women in Hollywood who are having twins?  That is a form of spare time I will never know.  Homegirl needs to cut her Perez addiction.

-On the ride back to my office we begin discussing books.  I tell MJ I have the new Augusten Burroughs book in my trunk if she wants to borrow it.  Of course she does.  Mary then asks me if I am really able to read more than one book at a time. My honest response, which is humorous to them, is “yeah, like I could be reading an Elvis biography and a regular book at the same time”.  An Elvis biography.

-As we are bidding adieu, I begin walking away from the car in a goofy walk, as usual, when we notice the emergency light and button in the garage… you know, for emergencies.  I begin joking around, pretending to push the button, with no intentions of actually pushing it.  Well, my guess is the thing has a sensor on it because all of a sudden it starts lighting up and flashing.  In less than a second Mary and MJ peel out and I begin busting my butt up the stairs and away from the crime scene.  I really hope there are not cameras in the garage.