I discovered one more food I can add to my list of “Tastes Great with Ketchup”.  Cauliflower.  I know, I know it sounds disgusting.  But, if you like ketchup as much as Amy and I do, I think you could maybe understand.  I really think I could eat ketchup on anything, so I can’t say this new discovery is all that surprising.  Its just exciting because cauliflower just became a heck of a lot cooler.  I’ve never had a real bond with the vegetable, mostly in part because I share the love of green with its cousin, broccoli.  But, this opens a new door.  Especially now that I eat organic ketchup.  I don’t have to feel guilty about eating globs of it.

Things I would not like ketchup with: peanut butter, ice cream, brownies, I guess any dessert.  That’s about it.  If I ever had a salad and no salad dressing, I would totally put ketchup on it and be content.  This may make me weird, but I’m okay with it.  Growing up we always used to keep ketchup packets in the glove compartment just in case we’d happen to stop at one of those gosh forsaken restaurants that didn’t have ketchup.  You can never be too prepared.

Ketchup on brisket, ketchup on pot roast, ketchup on a baked potato, ketchup on eggs, ketchup on a turkey sandwich after Thanksgiving…the list goes on and on and its starting to make me hungry when I’m definitely full.