I had a dream last night that once again involved my Chicago friends.  Its not the first dream I’ve had in which Christen was in, and its definitely not the strangest.  I’ve been pondering the idea of visiting the Chi sometime this Fall and of course I wanted to incorporate seeing some EY friends.  In the dream, I decide its best not to warn them I am coming to visit.  Instead I book my flight and figure once they see me they’ll be so excited and let me crash with them.  Well, my plane lands at O’Hare and I run into Christen in the airport just arriving from whatever project she’s been working on.  Instead of being happy to see me, she walks up and says, “WTF are you doing here”?  I tell her I’m here for a visit and she gets pissed off and gives me the Heisman, saying she has other plans.  That’s a little disheartening, but I decide to take the El into town to find my other friend, Lauren, hoping that she won’t mind it if I stay with her.  But no, she blows me off, too, because she has a date.  How sad is that?  I try to start brainstorming where I will stay and what I will do for the weekend.  I don’t have enough points to stay at a Starwood hotel and I don’t really want to shell out 300+ bucks to stay anywhere else.  Its at this point my alarm goes off, so we’ll never know how the rest of my weekend played out.  Moral of the story… make sure to tell my friends ahead of time that I’m coming to visit.  And ask if its ok.  I think Christen was just pissed because I didn’t make it to her housewarming party last weekend.

The first dream I had about Christen and her hubby, Leo, was that on a Friday after work, instead of flying home for the weekend, I rented a car and drove halfway from D.C. to Chicago to meet Leo to drop Christen off with him before I drove all the way to Texas.  Drove.  For the weekend.  Leo’s departing words to me were, “Keep on truckin'”.  Its remained a constant source of laughter for us.  Because Leo’s not the type of guy to use that phrase.

The second dream I had was that I went to the ‘burbs to visit Christen and Leo in their new house.  All I remember is that there were bowls of candy everywhere and that Leo drove a bat mobile.  And when pulling in the driveway, he always backed in… just incase he had an emergency it would shave seconds of his time getting there since he didn’t have to back out of the driveway.  

Oh, and Christen assures me that when I do come to visit their new home that there will be bowls of candy throughout the house.  If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is.