I watched a rerun of Grey’s Anatomy the other night and the opening scene has inspired this blog post about dancing.  Here is a clip:

There’s something liberating about dancing and often times I find that my days turn into good days when I had a mini dance party in the morning while getting ready for work.  It just leaves you feeling happy and that all is right in the world.  It just feels so good.

Since I’m not much for techno, I’ve got another song up my sleeve for dancing.  Not too long ago I was watching “The Family Stone” and I think my favorite part of that movie is the bar scene where SJP finally lets loose and starts drinking.  When her song comes on the jukebox, she gets up and starts dancing.  Its Maxine Nightingale’s 70’s classic “Right Back Where We Started From”.  If you can’t appreciate oldies, you aren’t gonna find yourself dancing to this.  But, if you do… push play below and go to town.  “Ooooo and its all right and it’s comin’ along, we gotta get right back where we started from…”

P.S. Michael Jackson is also really good for solo dance parties.  Sometimes when he comes in my iPod at the end of a workout, I’ll hold a 10 second dance party on the elevator leaving the gym.  I can’t help but giggle to myself when the doors open and people are standing there waiting to get on… they have no idea I was just busting some serious moves before the doors opened.