I ganked this little time waster from Mary’s new blog.  I needed a break from financials and so here it is…

I am: becoming more myself everyday
I think: I’m pretty funny
I know: God has a plan for my life
I want: to live in Austin again
I have: a best friend with four legs
I wish: there was a Starbucks in my office
I hate: traffic
I miss: seeing my family more often
I fear: unstability
I feel: the things Bruce Springsteen sings about
I hear: selective things
I smell: like Chanel
I crave: dessert
I search: for meaning
I wonder: what life will be like in 10 years
I regret: not living abroad for a whole semester
I love: my life
I ache: to see those I’ve lost again
I care: about eating right and exercising
I always: have an ipod on me
I am not: very political
I believe: I knew Elvis in a previous life
I dance: alone in my apartment when I’m happy
I sing: everyday
I don’t always: return phone calls on time
I fight: to stay in shape
I write: on my blog occassionally
I win: at the Wheel of Fortune slot machine
I lose: my patience at times
I never: stay up past my bedtime on a school night
I confuse: celebrity gossip
I listen: to Jillian Michaels and This American Life podcasts
I can usually be found: at the gym
I am scared: of change
I need: laughter
I am happy about: being alive!