I had a dentist appointment today at 3:30.  As usual, I gave myself a mere 10-15 minutes to get from Las Colinas to East of 75 for my appointment (I underestimate travel time).  At about 3:37, I am just pulling into the parking lot when my iPhone starts blowing up.  Its Suz.  Since I’m in a bit of a rush, I let it slide to voicemail and plan to call her back once my appointment is through.  As I am walking into the building I play her message, “hey, just calling to tell you that you are 7 minutes late for your dentist appointment”.  God, is that you?  I start running through all the possible ways in which she could know that a) I have a dentist appointment at 3:30 today and b) that I’m running late.  Did she see it in my planner?  Does she have access to my iPhone calendar?  WTF?  And just as I am about to give up on guessing, I open the door to the office and there is the little Suzanita, sitting and smiling at me. 

Apparently somewhere along the line I recommended my dentist to her.  Who wouldn’t… they give you laughing gas even when you’re just getting your teeth cleaned.  “It’s like a little afternoon cocktail” is what my dental hygienist always says.  She’s awesome.  But, back to the story…  what are the odds Suz and I, unknowingly, schedule dentist appointments back to back on the same day?  One in a million I’d say.