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I ganked this little time waster from Mary’s new blog.  I needed a break from financials and so here it is…

I am: becoming more myself everyday
I think: I’m pretty funny
I know: God has a plan for my life
I want: to live in Austin again
I have: a best friend with four legs
I wish: there was a Starbucks in my office
I hate: traffic
I miss: seeing my family more often
I fear: unstability
I feel: the things Bruce Springsteen sings about
I hear: selective things
I smell: like Chanel
I crave: dessert
I search: for meaning
I wonder: what life will be like in 10 years
I regret: not living abroad for a whole semester
I love: my life
I ache: to see those I’ve lost again
I care: about eating right and exercising
I always: have an ipod on me
I am not: very political
I believe: I knew Elvis in a previous life
I dance: alone in my apartment when I’m happy
I sing: everyday
I don’t always: return phone calls on time
I fight: to stay in shape
I write: on my blog occassionally
I win: at the Wheel of Fortune slot machine
I lose: my patience at times
I never: stay up past my bedtime on a school night
I confuse: celebrity gossip
I listen: to Jillian Michaels and This American Life podcasts
I can usually be found: at the gym
I am scared: of change
I need: laughter
I am happy about: being alive!


After posting the video below, it dawned on me… we like to take pictures in bathrooms.  A lot.  I’ve briefly gone through my photos and found some shots to prove my point.  

I had a dentist appointment today at 3:30.  As usual, I gave myself a mere 10-15 minutes to get from Las Colinas to East of 75 for my appointment (I underestimate travel time).  At about 3:37, I am just pulling into the parking lot when my iPhone starts blowing up.  Its Suz.  Since I’m in a bit of a rush, I let it slide to voicemail and plan to call her back once my appointment is through.  As I am walking into the building I play her message, “hey, just calling to tell you that you are 7 minutes late for your dentist appointment”.  God, is that you?  I start running through all the possible ways in which she could know that a) I have a dentist appointment at 3:30 today and b) that I’m running late.  Did she see it in my planner?  Does she have access to my iPhone calendar?  WTF?  And just as I am about to give up on guessing, I open the door to the office and there is the little Suzanita, sitting and smiling at me. 

Apparently somewhere along the line I recommended my dentist to her.  Who wouldn’t… they give you laughing gas even when you’re just getting your teeth cleaned.  “It’s like a little afternoon cocktail” is what my dental hygienist always says.  She’s awesome.  But, back to the story…  what are the odds Suz and I, unknowingly, schedule dentist appointments back to back on the same day?  One in a million I’d say.

I randomly came across this gem that Suz sent me two years ago.  It was taken in the bathroom of a bar we were at celebrating Mary’s pink theme party.  Oh yes, the year of the theme party.  Anyways… you can see my true feelings for enduring a pink manicure.  Oh and I might have had a little to drink.

I was supposed to train with a guy named Tyrone today, but he called in sick and no one called to tell me this, so I got stuck with a newbie trainer.  It was this kid’s first day.  He showed up at LA to workout, not train, 10 minutes before my session was supposed to start.  So, they threw him with me since my boy didn’t show up.  Great.  A few trinkets from our half hour of fun:

The kid can’t count for shiznit.  He’s either one rep slower or faster than I am.  At all times.  I found it funny when he asked what my profession was.  I told him I was an accountant.  He said, “mad props to you cause that’s something I could never do”.  Really.  You don’t say.
Throughout our 3 hour, I mean 30 minute session, he makes it a point to work with me on my breathing.  Exhale when I push up, inhale on the way down, etc.  Over the course of 5 exercises, 3 sets of 15 reps each, I have a kid who obviously doesn’t believe in gum or breath mints, over-exaggerating his breaths, in my face no less, to get me to remember to breath.  It was literally like a dragon breathing rank fire into my face.  I tried to chew my Trident Tropical Twist as fast as I could to promote some citrus-y scents into the air.  It was only to his benefit though.
My “favorite” part of our session was when he was explaining to me how to do tricep dips.  Like the ridiculously hard kind where you hold on to two bars and lower your body down (without touching the ground) and then push yourself up.  He says and I quote, “you want to slowly lower yourself down like this until the handlebars are at nipple level”.  No.  Surely he did not use the word nipple.  ICK.  Chest, mid back, “about here”…all those words would suffice.  Just don’t say the N word. 
After almost 40 minutes had passed (this kid didn’t believe in a watch either) I had lost my cool.  He sucked.  I was in a bad mood and starting to get hungry.  I point blank asked how much longer this is going because I need to get on with my cardio and go home.  He stuttered for a bit and within 10 seconds we were walking opposite directions.  Phew.  Poor kid…it was only his first day.  On the otherhand, I just paid 30 dollars for a bad mood.

Its come to my attention recently that perhaps I have gained 10-ish pounds since joining the workforce 3.5 years ago. Why you ask? My pants are tight today. Oh, bother.

I have many theories for how this has happened. First being that I have relaxed from becoming the anal point/calorie counter I was when I first started working. Yeah, I may have been 10lbs lighter then, but I was a big stressbal thinking about what I was going to eat each day. And lets not forget booze…I enjoy it too much to restrict it as much as I did back then.

Second, I am not running the crazy 30+ miles a week that I used to run up until about 3 months ago. From lack of boredom and getting tired of the same thing for 7 years running, no pun intended, I decided to reduce mileage (probably to the ballpark of 10-15 miles a week) and start making exercise fun again. So, now my workout bag of tricks includes running, spin class, swimming, and P90X. Its possible some of this 10lb baggage includes extra muscle, since I seem to do more weights than I did back in the day. Because seriously it used to be running and only running. Hi knees…I’m sorry, can you ever forgive me?

My third and final theory is pretty random. Since the weather is getting warmer (well, not getting anymore, its 100 degree out), I have decided to take a more casual approach to work attire. Since I haven’t yet reached my goal of having a job where I can wear tshirts and shorts everyday, I do have to dress “business casual”. For the last 3 years this has consisted of button downs and pants, just ask anyone thats worked with me. And so, I have started wearing more casual clothes (ie more comfy) like skirts and dresses and I think that my ab muscles have relaxed since I’ve adopted this new habit. Therefore, they just like to hang out now instead of sucking it in while I wore pants. I think I am going to experiment a little and bringing pants back into my wardrobe somewhat regularly. We’ll see if I get my six pack with koozies back.

I do realize that my third theory doesn’t really have anything to do with gaining weight, but it is a factor in my pants being tight today.