I joined LA Fitness a year ago in attempt to have a gym that was close to the office. I figured it would be good for when I wanted to workout after work. Because I was already (and still am) a member of Bally’s, which I use for working out in the morning. A year has gone by and I maybe make it to LA once a month. Thinking that I might want to go ahead and cancel my membership, I realized I still had a free Personal Trainer session I got when I signed up.

So, I went in on Wednesday for my free workout, with no intentions of buying additional sessions and with the understanding that I would quit the gym probably next month. After the workout they wanted to talk to me about package options etc etc. Fine, I knew they were gonna try to sell me on the deal, but I was going to be firm and say “no thanks, I am not ready to sign up today”. These people do NOT give up. I was there for an hour after the session negotiating the price. After I got it down to half the original price, I still was ready to walk out commitment free. But, they kept going. And going. Finally, my trainer had to rope in his boss for the final kill. I really don’t think these people would have let me walk out of there without tackling me first.

All I really wanted was a good workout. Which is great, because now I’ve got 48 of them coming right up!! Obviously I caved. They finally wore Miss Practical down. I spent the better part of yesterday stewing about it. If you can’t tell, I’m still slightly bitter. Its a good thing I will be in Cabo next week because I need to get away and over this. These people took me to the bank and back. But, they do promise that I will lose 10% body fat just by training with them. Yeah right, I don’t think I lost any body fat running a MARATHON, so good luck to you guys.