I think Rocky (my four-legged, 9lb little burrito) could easily serve as the poster child for Fiber One. I mean the dog is Mr. Regularity himself. Our going out schedule is as follows:

6:15am – pre workout potty break
8:15am – pre work potty break
6ish – post work potty break
9pm – pre bedtime potty break

Obviously he goes numero uno everytime. But, when it comes to numero dos, his batting average is upwards of .750. Yesterday he batted 1000, which necessitated a blogging. Much like having “a” gun necessitates a gun rack. Anyways, I think the best part about this (aside from him being able to hold it and so yours truly doesn’t have to clean anything up) is getting to watch him go at least 3 times a day. He looks macho when he goes #1 with his right leg lifted in the air, but #2 is an all-out, full-body struggle to get the job done. His back arches and he’s pushing so hard that he is almost balancing on his front two legs. Maybe its his way of sneaking in a little yoga to his daily routine. Oh, and lets not forget his cute little floppy ears that always seem to be on antenna duty during this, constantly scanning sideways and front listening for anything approaching him during this delicate moment.